HM08 SpO2 Wearable Fitness Tracker with Screen Protector

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Kelly Griffin
Not what I expected

I bought one for me, and one for my mother. I currently work in healthcare, and she is a retired healthcare worker. I got it for monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Unfortunately the readings are not accurate. The watch itself is attractive and low profile. Unfortunately it just didn’t meet our needs, so they both got returned. The return process was easy, nothing bad to say about the company.

Exceptional and comfortable smart watch

The watch functions very well and the size and comfort is really nice.
Being to be able to get text messages and know your phone is ringing is a great feature. If you have your sound turned down you get a vibration and message on screen. You still have to answer call on your phone, but if you don't want to answer you swipe the hang up.
Love the sleep monitoring and battery life is exceptional. Getting real time heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen level works great.
I've only had it a week but glad I pick this one. Definitely get alot of bang for what you pay.

Good watch

I was surprised and wowed over all of the features. I was able to set it up in a day. I'm not sure how it will perform since I've had it for only 24 hours. The app drops the bluetooth connection often and I don't know how that affects the continuous tracking of my data.

The instructions were sparse and confusing. I wish the Youtube videos would show me how to set it up step by step instead of just showing all of the wonderful features. It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration.

In conclusion, this watch would be great for those who are curious about their health vitals. But if you're a typical senior, you would probably need someone to help you to set it up and show you how to make it work. If you can do that, you will really love this. But why not give it a try - it's pretty inexpensive.

Best service

We've been using the tracker for over a month now and have run into a small problem. I emailed FitVII and FitVII handled it quickly. Best service advisor I've ever had.

t lee
Just getting familiar with it!

Just received and learning how to use the watch. Company has been wonderful. I purchased a watch and wasn’t happy with how it’s charged. The wrist strap had to be removed to charge the watch which is hard to do if you have hand issues. I was refunded my money without any problems. I love that I don’t have to pay a monthly fee to get my oxygen and heart reading like some of the other watches require! So far very happy!

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