Upgrade:FITVII GT5 SmartWatch 20 Sports Modes with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • $64.90

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I wanted a step-counter to track walks/runs but i really didn’t want to spend a lot of a money. There are a lot of watches that are $300+ everybody buys that i just can’t afford, so i was struggling to find a watch in my price range. I bought this watch because it has all i need: Step-Counter, Calorie Tracker, & Run Timer, for a great price. The watch is easy to use and tracks all of your data within the app. I really like this watch because it has all i need without any unnecessary additions to be an excuse to mark up the price. Its a great watch without being incredibly flashy and materialistic. I recommend, especially if you are in school and can’t afford an unnecessarily expensive Apple Watch.

good blood pressure monitoring

I have no complaints about this watch. It’s accurate, easy to use and stylish. I’m extra pleased with the blood pressure monitoring feature which I find is actuate as well.

barbara haney
Very happy with my purchase

I am pleasantly surprised how easy it is to read. I also luv the fact that if i am sitting at my desk it alerts me to get up. I is making a difference on how many steps to take as I want to meet my goal for the day. Give this a try!!!! I like it for everyday watch to the office.

solid built

Ordered this for my father in law and I honestly wasn't expecting much out of a $60 something smart watch. I figured if it's junk, It won't break the bank. To my surprised it was solid built. The watch itself felt solid and not like some flimsy cheap plastic. The armbands are smooth and also solid built. The hinges (or whatever you called those) are smooth and easy to removed if desired.


Got it for my father-in-law so he can monitor his heart health, oxygen, etc. plus he likes tech gadgets. Ordered this from Fitvii. Arrived in generic packaging, with generic charging cable, as expected. Fitvii Watch looks brand new to me; I couldn’t find any cosmetic imperfections anywher.

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