FitVII GT5 Smartwatch with HR+BP+SPO2+TEMP monitoring

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Entertainment timepiece

I am a night owl and sleep during the day. The watch stops logging sleep after about an hour and a half after finally going to sleep at 0330.
My blood pressure was about 30 points lower, consistently than the watch. Then, remembered that this watch is for entertainment value only.
It IS a great watch. I like all the weird screens. Interesting. I keep poking at it and it is ... interesting
As an older person, I have problems seeing the icons. They are colorful blobs to me. If you have "bad" eyes, you may want to keep this in mind.
Also, I am getting slower at everything, including reading. The watch will light up and screen disappear before I can finish looking at it's screen.
I still like this time piece. It's a great watch.

Needs Better App

I really like the watch. It is large, easy to read, and easy to charge. the charge lasts about a week+. the issue is with the app. It is glitchy and needs a lot of work.

Robert Ker
Notification is limited

Most of the Apps is not compatible e.g. watsapp, call

2nd night review

Just got the GT5 yesterday and tried it last night. I love the clock face. The numbers are big and there are good designs to choose from. It's also easy to sync on phone. I'm wondering why the blood pressure monitor does not work always. Sometimes, there are no results. Maybe you can help me on this before I make another review? I bought this GT5 mainly because it has BP monitor. I have to check also if it is accurate or not. I need to monitor my BP as it goes up a lot of times. If accurate, I'll buy another one for my dad. His BP fluctuates so I want to monitor it also. Please let me know why sometimes it fails to read. Thanks.

Software is lacking

I like the watch. It has a good weight. I got the brown leather band and love it. I can't say I love the software. It is difficult to set up because the setup is not logically setup. You must enter your personal information first before you can pair the watch. They want you to create an account but the email code takes forever to get.

Do great watch. Crappy software.

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