FitVII H56 Smartwatch with 24/7 Blood Pressure Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Monitor for Menstrual Cycle Reminder

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Loey Krause
Accuracy of BP, HR and O2 match nurses' equipment at the dr's office.

We needed these to track BP, HR and O2 as per Dr's advice. The accuracy there is great!
It misses a lot of steps. It seems to need definite "foot hitting the floor," or a certain bounce up and down to read the step. I was taught to walk smoothly and not bounce. -the old book on the head. It also seems to need arm swing. If you're carrying something, you get no steps. I think it's probably missing about half my steps. Then again, maybe I'm shuffling instead of stepping too often.

Very good for price!

I have been using this for about a week now., so I have not tried everything out yet. It works as well as if not better than my older generation Garmin. The pulse and oxygen levels seem to be fairly accurate when compared to my finger pulse-oximeter. However, the blood pressure consistently shows a higher pressure than a cuff, about 20 points on both high and low. But, it's not a medical grade device and gives me a reference point. The sleep tracking seems to be pretty much dead on with what I think the results should be. It was easy to setup with the app. The app choices are limited, but I can use it to start and stop whatever google podcast I currently have running. It doesn't seem to share data with Google Fit. I have not charged it for 5 days and still show 80% battery left. To me, this is the biggest selling point. I can wear it all day, use it for sleep tracking and don't have to squeeze in time to charge it when I get up in the morning or before I go to bed.
Overall, while the accuracy is not spot on, it is consistent. So, I have a baseline to work from. It does what I want at a fraction of the cost of the name brand "smart" watches and I don't have to charge it nearly as often.


I had to contact the support team because I was having issues with the watch but after messaging with the support team, Allisa with FITVII, their team representative was very, very patient with me and messaged me back promptly and I am very grateful to see that there is still some awesome customer service around. I highly recommend this watch to anybody that is considering to buy it. Not only is it a great watch but if you have any issues at least you know that there are some workers like Allisa and her team of coworkers that are trained to help you and be patient with an old veteran like myself that is still learning the new technology. Awesome

Brenda J.

I thought I would really like having the watch, but it doesnt track my sleep like I had hoped. I am a day sleeper because I work at night. So that feature is completely lost on me. Not everyone sleeps at night. It has a nice feel and is very compatible with my phone.

Denise Jensen

I purchased this on the 7th of Dec and I actually really liked the size of this one and how easy it was to use. However, I went to charge the watch as it told me it was low. I plugged it into the charger, let it sit for about and hour. Went to check on it by pushing the button and nothing. Held the power button for a couple seconds, nothing. It will show me that it is charging when initially plugged in.

I will be returning this back to them. Makes me sad. I liked this one.

Update as of 12-26-22
The company has responded to me and has been very understanding and kind with their communication. Professional as well. Even offering an additional strap that I can swap back and forth with. I ended up doing an exchange!

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