FITVII GT2 SmartWatch ECG with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor

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P. Compton

This is a great smart watch at a great price. It was easy to figure out, even for a smart watch newbie like me.I was super impressed with all of the features this watch has. I love that I can access the info on the watch or on the app. And the app has so many added details; which I really appreciate. I wanted the watch, in large part, to figure out my sleep. I wanted to see if how I feel like I sleep is actually how I sleep. I am already working with my doctor with those results.I have the watch on my dominant hand, so the step count is quite sensitive.This is a larger watch, so it is wide on my wrist. But it doesn't bother me and was easy to get used to. (I was worried it would feel too big).


I have tried some other smartwatches. Not all of them are as they claimed. This watch is working accurately, though. I like its data analysis. It is cool and fancy, and it makes it a good present for friends. The battery life is good too. I recommend it to anyone who wants to purchase a smartwatch at a reasonable price.

Santiago Sinaca

It literally has all that I need, I was impressed with the features. It lets me track how much I��ve walked, gives me my blood pressure and so much more! I definitely love the design of it! Totally recommend it!

Would totally buy this again

Battery life for sleep and heart rate monitoring is less than a week, but still a few days. Watching charges in about 2 hours, so I tend to do it in the evenings around dinner time. good results!

The strap is as resistant to liquids and damage as rubber, but will make you sweat. Wash the strap and wrist daily.

Step count is a good "rough average", and if you're a light sleeper, sleep monitors tend not to pick up in the first or last hour. But then again, it's not great sleep, so it's best not to count.

Wearing the watch while sleeping is fine and doesn't bother me at all. I turned off the "wrist flick function" to avoid accidental blindness at night, lol.

Since I'm working on a more physically demanding job, the watch is perfect for tracking my O2 and heart rate post Covid.


This watch is real steal for the pricing. It��s step count and heart rate monitor is very accurate. Lots of different styles for clock is pretty amazing. I��m very happy that I ordered it!!!

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