Upgrade FitVII 1.47'' V19Pro Health Tracker ECG with Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Good value

Buy the one with the bigger screenbuy the one with the bigger screen. The tracking is off by default to save power. u have to turn it on, then the app is great in tracking stuff, the sensors work great, it matches my actual blood pressure cuff. It's been tracking my sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen and heart health. So it was cool Also when I'm working out, i Can set the phone to do my heart rate, so I can put it on the wall, and watch my heart rate as i exercise.

F. R. Gilmore

Instruction sheet is very small print and needs to be clearer on how the watch operates. The updated V19 Pro has many new features with a larger screen and many more options than the V19. It works well with the Iphone 12 that I have. The method of charging is much better than the V19 in that you do not have to remove the strap. I hope the V19 pro will last longer than two years like the V19. For the money it does almost all the things a Apple Watch would do for hundreds of dollars more.


Looked around at several health watches and the features they offer. Felt this was one of the more robust ones with both blood pressure and ECG.

Tinamarie A. Mellodge
Good value

This keeps track of your vitals on a daily basis and one can go back to any date and see how your BP is etc. I can not wait to show my PCP how my BP as it shows very high.
I like this device and would recommend to all

Mark Greer

Upgraded version of previous fitness watch, not the same exactly but runs just as well with added things that give you a better way to figure heart rate and more. The price is affordable as well.

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