Upgrade:FITVII GT5 SmartWatch 20 Sports Modes with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor

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Deanna E. Ritchie
blood pressure is very accurate

I bought this watch for the blood pressure function. When I first opened the watch, there was no blood pressure function in it. Fortunately, with the patient guidance of the customer service, I opened the blood pressure in the APP and entered the private customization mode. The measurements are very accurate. To get this watch for under $80, I think it's a great deal.

Misty Toepfer
I would recommend this product to anyone over anything else.

I like the product because they charge fast and last long. Out of all the other wireless ear phones that I have got in the past , these are the best. I love the price , the sound quality, and how they are durable.


If you wanted an Apple Watch for medical purposes, skip the expense and buy this. So happy I made the decision to spend 73 bucks over 270 bucks.
Let me say that I like the watch, it's not the fanciest, but worth every penny and does EVERYTHING I want it to do! I can customize the face and track everything important to me. The cherry on top is the Customer Support; they are amazing! I lost my charging cable and they have been fast and super helpful with the situation! I was already happy and told a few friends about my "super reasonably priced watch", but now everyone will know how great the company is too!

Dear cusomer,
Athough per thousands of test and customers reply, the data from FitVII fitness tracker are very close to the data from the clinical standards. Please note: (Not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and should not be relied on for any medical purposes) At present, all fitness tracker on the market and are difficult to meet clinical standards. The fitness tracker can only be used as a reference and cannot replace the measurement results of professional device.
Thank you very much for your support, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Scott Gaskin
love it!

This watch does everything one of those name brand watches does. Through Bluetooth you can listen to music while working or working out. Blood pressure detection, steps monitored, text messages, receive calls and more. The leather strap is extra durable and provides a stay in place fit when sweating. The fact that you're given a choice of what you want Bluetooth to control is a huge plus. He set this watch up to where it will show him his text but doesn't interfere with his phone calls. Unlike others, when BT is connected phone calls are picked up by watch automatically. Trendy and stylish!

Dan Bachen
Nice watch if it worked

Pedometer does not function. Heart rate monitor is often off by 20-40 bpm during exercise. Attempted to contact customer service between mid December and mid January. No resolution. Seriously regret cheating out and not dropping the extra money on an iWatch

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