FitVII X7 Waterproof Smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling+Blood Pressure Monitor

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Francisco Michael

Apesar do D��lar em alta, o fitvii X7 Mini �� ��timo, se saindo muito bem em termos de custo e benef��cio. Vale a pena adquirir um!


Sleep tracking doesn't work. I was up all night and still said I slept. Every night says roughly the same thing. Even nights my lovely dog demands to go out 4 times in the middle of the night it says I slept through the night. I've tightened the watch and loosened the watch and no changed. I haven't slept through the night in 20 years so no way.Heart rate sleeps pretty closeApp is ok. Hate that you can't change around the way you view things. I have numerous chronic illnesses and disabilities. I don't want to be reminded everytime I'm overweight. I'm well aware. So it would be wonderful to just remove it or move it to the bottom.02 I can't get to work unless I mainly click measure it despite settings say otherwise. So that's frustrating.The protective cover for this watch is a pain. Any sort of condensation gets between it and the watch and you can't swipe to go between things. So I'm constantly removing it and having to sit it out to dry. Kinda defeats the purpose. Even rainy days make its wet between them. Very annoying.Alexa works fine. Wish you could make announcements thoughIt's a mediocre watch. Probably wouldn't recommend.

John J. Newtonjr

Exactly what I��ve been looking for! Great fitness watch! Only one negative! Can��t zero out any of your records!

Kevin chambers

Extremely inaccurate with steps & sleep. But being considerably cheaper than most I guess "approximate" is good enough.

Bill Z

Watch is excellent. Battery life is exceptional. 19 days on one charge.

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