FitVII X7 Blood Pressure Monitor Smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling+Health Management

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Jason Hartley
Smart watch with lots of great settings for u to use to organise & keep track of your life & health

Smart watch with lots of great settings that u can use to organise & keep track of your life & health. It has over 30 different indoor & outdoor sports that u can track using the watch. This is the most extensive list of sports I have seen yet on any smart watch. I like that u can change the whole look of the watch to make it more personalised by putting whatever photo u like on the front of the watch so each time u check what time it is u see your loved ones, pet or favourite place etc. It lets u easily answer & make calls, u can play music, check the weather & ask questions by using the voice assistant function. It has the best range of settings to help monitor your health like heart rate, oxygen levels, it reminds u to drink water & get active if u have been still too long, it can monitor your sleep, count calories u burn, count your steps & so much more. It is a great option to choose if u want the biggest choice of features & it is not a major high priced smart watch compared with brand name versions that have far less features. I'd definitely recommend if u want all the options it gives u for such a reasonable price.

Nice affordable alternative to the expensive ones.

First of all you need to adjust your expectations to the price youre paying for it.
I think it's a great way to start using a smartwatch to do simple tasks like tracking your steps, or as a stopwatch or to keep up with your notifications without using your phone.

Everything works through bluetooth so you need to keep your phone near. I think it would be great for someone who has their hands busy all the time, or who is always on the go, so they dont have to be getting their phone out just to check who called or texted them.
You can set alarms, reminders, etc. It's great for the busy lifestyle.

I like that the apps are simple to use, the whole operation system is very easy to figure out so you dont have to be too tech savvy. It's a basic yet powerful smart watch.

Also it charges fast and the battery lasts a full day, even using it frequently.

I do recommend it for anyone who is busy with their hands all the time, yet needs to keep track of time, calls and texts. I think it would be perfect for moms.

Takes an accurate blood pressure, amazing!

I mean how picky can you be? This watch is an extreme value. Some smart watches are like $300 dollars and this is fraction of that price. It has too many features to mention, but the most important one is that is can make and answer phone calls through the watch. It gave me a very James Bond moment in my life. It has this nifty feature to clear water out of your speaker if you take a shower and it sounds muffled, amazing. You can actually check your blood oxygen level and your blood pressure, what? I like keeping an eye on my blood pressure because high blood pressure runs in my family. This is a game changer. I used it and double checked the accuracy with my blood pressure cuff, and it is accurate...every...single...time. This is worth buying for your health. It comes in a beautiful box amd would make a great gift for someone else, or for yourself. The band is extremely comfortable and made from very soft material. The Bluetooth connection need to be in close range of your phone for features to work properly. Overall, I don't know if you can tell, but I am very pleased with this watch. Hope that helps!

Phone finding watch is fabulous and functional

This is the greatest thing I didn't think I needed. Didn't even think I wanted one frankly.
If it did nothing else this watch has found my phone for me at least twice a week. That may sound ridiculous but I have a black phone and I lose it constantly. I can admit it took me a few weeks to remember I can use it to do just that. Now I use it a couple times a day to find it and it saves me literally hours of frustration.
As for the other functions, yeah, they rock too.
For instance I love proving which people make my blood pressure go up. Knowing the time, crazy thing for a watch to do but it's nice to have so handy.
Very cool that it has a water shake out function since I keep sweating like crazy when using it.
The only thing I don't love is the lack of list of the icons preloaded and what they do. Some look similar and I may still not know what all it can do.
I have a tiny wrist so it's huge and basically covers my entire arm.
Due to it's sensitive nature I had to quit wearing it to track my sleep. Every time the screen touched something because I moved it lit up and that woke me up.
Which reminds me like the faux flashlight feature which is just white screen too. Not so bright to disturb anyone but enough light to see a bit.
I am an android user.

Ease to use!

This is the second time I have bought the FitVII watch. Bought my first pair 4 and 1/2 years ago (for my husband and myself) When they started acting up I came back and got another pair. I like the improvements over the older ones we had. The app that goes with the watch is easier to use than the old one. I like the fact that it can track more than one thing like steps, heart rate, oxygen, sleep and stress levels among other things. A very good product for a reasonable price if you are wanting a fitness watch with out extra bells and whistles. I am 63 and my husband is 72 so we are not super up on tech but these watches are easy to use and understand.

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