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The best Apple ECG watch alternative, Fitvii has always been committed to health technology breakthroughs.

There may be some performance differences between the Fitvii EKG Watch and the Apple EKG Watch, but whether it's "better" depends on the user's specific needs and usage. Here are the possible performance differences between them:

Precision and Accuracy: The Fitvii smartwatch can provide ECG monitoring capabilities by pairing with a smartphone. Its design is very simple, just put your finger on the device to complete the measurement, and it has high accuracy and reliability. The Apple ECG Watch and Fitvii ECG perform roughly the same. .

Price and cost: Apple ECG watches tend to be more expensive, while Fitvii is more affordable, saves a lot of brand promotion costs, and is more suitable for some users with limited budgets.

Other additional features: Fitvii health watch has blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, sleep detection and family sharing functions. But equivalent to the Apple Watch, some Fitvii watches lack Bluetooth calling capabilities and have lower screen resolutions.

To sum up, the technology of Fitvii Health Watch breaks through the medical functions of Apple Watch, but from the appearance point of view, Apple Watch is more fashionable, with higher screen resolution, higher brand awareness, and convenient phone calls. But if you only care about health issues and have a limited budget, you can consider the Fitvii health watch.

ECG (electrocardiogram) watches have several benefits for seniors prone to falls:

Health monitoring: ECG watches can provide continuous heart monitoring to help the elderly detect heart problems such as arrhythmia and abnormal heart rate in time. This timely monitoring can help prevent the progression of heart disease and enable necessary treatment or medical attention to be taken early.

Heart health management: Through the data recorded by the ECG watch, the elderly can better understand their heart health, including daily heart rate changes, electrocardiogram conditions during activities, etc. These data can help older adults adjust their lifestyles and control risk factors to maintain heart health.

Comfortable and convenient: Compared with traditional electrocardiogram monitoring equipment, ECG watches are lighter, more comfortable, and can be worn at any time without the need for additional equipment or the help of professional technicians. Long-term heart monitoring is more accessible to older adults.

Scientific basis: The data recorded through ECG watches can provide scientific basis to help doctors more accurately assess the heart health of the elderly and formulate personalized treatment plans.

Overall, ECG watches provide a convenient and practical way for the elderly to monitor their heart health and provide emergency rescue when necessary, helping to improve the quality of life and health of the elderly.

Notably, Fitvii found that another group of people who would greatly benefit from a smart device are those who use it to monitor and improve their heart and overall health. Some patients benefit from using apps that help them establish or improve good health habits, such as maintaining a healthy weight, improving physical activity, or using mindfulness, calming, or breathing exercises to relieve anxiety or stress.


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