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2024 Best FITVII® Newest Vita Smartwatch with 24/7PTT+BP+HR+ECG+ BG+SpO2 Health Monitoring🔥

2024 Best FITVII® Newest Vita Smartwatch with 24/7PTT+BP+HR+ECG+ BG+SpO2 Health Monitoring🔥

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2024 Best Newest Vita Smartwatch with 24/7PTT+BP+HR+ECG+ BG+SpO2 Health Monitorin

▷ Vita ◁

Combining the latest technology with ergonomic design, this multifunctional health-tracking smartwatch features a premium zinc alloy casing, a 1.83-inch high-definition touchscreen, and a classic exterior design centered around ECG detection. Enhancements have been made to ensure comprehensive accuracy in heart rate and ECG monitoring!

24/7 Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring with PTT

Heart rate health is crucial for the body as it reflects the speed and rhythm at which the heart pumps blood, directly indicating the functional state of the heart. The FITVII Vita smartwatch provides users with 24-hour dynamic monitoring of their heart rate status, timely alerting for abnormal data to aid in early detection of heart issues. It features continuous dynamic heart rate measurement over 24 hours, integrating PPG+ECG monitoring technology, with PPG photoplethysmography used for automatic recording throughout the day. This comprehensive assessment helps effectively manage heart health.

PTT (Pulse Transit Time) refers to the time interval from the onset of cardiac contraction to the arrival of the pulse wave at a specific location. It can be used to assess the functional status of the heart and blood vessels. Generally, a shorter PTT indicates better cardiac and vascular function.

Why use ECG monitoring? Is it just a marketing gimmick?

According to World Health Organization statistics, approximately 17 million people worldwide die from heart disease each year. The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a crucial tool for reflecting heart health data and plays a significant role in diagnosing heart disease, assessing treatment effectiveness, monitoring heart health status, and preventing heart attacks.

Fitvii's Vita smartwatch utilizes a unique dual-sensor detection technology, distinguishing it from the majority of smartwatches on the market that use single-sensor ECG detection. It combines the "Osram SFH2201" optical sensor (PPG AFE) and the "Goodix GH3220" ECG sensor (ECG AFE), with two electrodes at the bottom of the watch and metal sensing keys on the side. This dual-sensor technology significantly enhances the accuracy of heart rate and ECG monitoring and provides alerts for abnormal data.

Additionally, Fitvii's Vita smartwatch is equipped with an extra auxiliary lead wire to connect the watch to the skin surface of the heart, further ensuring the accuracy of heart rate data and ECG monitoring. Monitoring data can be viewed in detailed graphical reports within the app, demonstrating Fitvii's commitment to delivering a medical-grade ECG monitoring experience!

Portable Blood Pressure Monitors

What is the significance of blood pressure monitoring? Blood pressure refers to the pressure of blood on the blood vessel wall when the heart beats, usually expressed as systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP). Healthy blood pressure is the key to maintaining the normal function of the cardiovascular system and preventing cardiovascular disease. Fitvii's Vita smartwatch is equipped with "STK8321" acceleration sensor and intelligent chip. It uses optical technology to accurately monitor blood pressure fluctuations, allowing blood pressure status to be viewed anytime and anywhere, effectively helping to detect and provide early warning for diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Non-invasive blood glucose monitori

Blood sugar refers to the concentration of glucose in the blood (mmol/L). Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels helps prevent diabetes. Compared to traditional glucometers that require blood sampling for monitoring, Fitvii's Vita smartwatch utilizes advanced optical sensors, employing laser technology at the bottom of the watch to penetrate the skin surface up to 5 millimeters deep, enabling non-invasive blood sugar detection.

It's important to note that non-invasive blood sugar technology is still in development, and its accuracy compared to medical blood glucose meters may have some margin of error. However, Fitvii's Vita smartwatch offers the best detection accuracy among similar products on the market, catering to the needs of most individuals requiring blood sugar monitoring.

Warm reminder: At present, the global non-invasive blood sugar technology cannot completely replace medical-grade blood sugar sampling for blood sugar testing.

However, the Fitvii Vita smartwatch has industry-leading accuracy in blood sugar monitoring, meeting the needs of most users who need blood sugar monitoring.

Advanced and reliable blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring

Blood oxygen refers to the oxygen content in the blood. Fitvii's Vita smartwatch is also equipped with a dedicated blood oxygen sensor that uses nanometer-level infrared light to detect blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). This feature is safe and non-invasive, making it crucial for early detection of respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, anemia, and other conditions.

Multiple Sports Modes Tracking

The Vita supports tracking up to 10 different sports modes, accurately recording metrics such as steps, distance, and calorie consumption during exercise, promoting a healthier and more scientifically informed approach to fitness while enhancing exercise efficiency.

Scientific exercise, scientific sleep

Vita offers a variety of exercise modes, accurately recording real-time heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, and other data during daily activities and travel, promoting healthier and more scientific exercise routines, and enhancing exercise efficiency.

Poor sleep can be the cause of many health issues. The watch monitors your sleep status (such as duration, breathing rate, awakenings), distinguishing between light and deep sleep stages. This helps improve sleep habits, enhance sleep quality, and effectively address insomnia, sleep apnea, and other sleep problems, ensuring a pleasant start to each day.

Fast charging, ultra-long standby

Fitvii's Vita smartwatch supports fast charging in 2 hours, providing 7-10 days of use on a full charge and up to 30 days of standby time! No need to worry about battery life when you're out and about. It's your 24-hour health guardian! Explore more practical features!

Waterproof Design

Fashionable design, Comfortable to wear

Vita watch adopts a square with rounded corners design, stylish and elegant, paired with various comfortable straps, allowing elderly individuals to wear it all day without feeling burdensome.

Explore More Practical Features!

The Vita smartwatch is not just a precise health and fitness monitoring smartwatch, but also offers a variety of practical features such as temperature detection, weather forecast, calculator, alarm clock, music, stopwatch, and more.

Vita Packaging

Five Reasons to Choose Vita! 

 ①Multi-functional health smartwatch 

 ②Latest Technology & Accurate Monitoring

 ③30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

④ 180-Day Product Warranty

 ⑤New Product Limited Time Discount Price $99.99, Price Increases to $199.99 at the End of the Week! 

The Ultimate Choice For Health Watches!

 Vita All Features:

24/7 Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring with PTT

ECG monitoring

Portable Blood Pressure Monitors

Non-invasive blood glucose monitori

Advanced and reliable blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring

✅Temperature Monitoring

✅Heart Rate Alarm

Multiple Sports Modes Tracking

Scientific exercise, scientific sleep

✅Step Tracking

Fast charging, ultra-long standby

✅IP65 Waterproof

✅Call Reminder/Reject

✅Anti-loss Reminder

✅Sedentary Reminder


✅Remote Capture



✅Customize Watch Faces



Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews

These watch has great features and is relatively accurate.....most of the time. In their defence measuring these health parameters has got to be difficult. And when I am sitting it's perfect. The display options are the best. It has an awesome app for tracking info. I wish it had a weight graph tracking feature. The problem is when you are running or walking hard features get iffy. I am going to start bringing a pulse oxcimeter on my workouts. The pulse goes way low by like 30 BPI and bounces. The oximeter and body temperature both quit working when pushing my heart. The Blood Pressure always works. The EKG is good. Once I slow down everything works. I would buy this watch again. It's packed with features and works better than any I have had in the past. I get the temperature and oximeter struggling at high pulse rates. It would be nice if the pulse worked while exercising. Other units did work but had all kinds of other problems. Like I said best health watch of the 4 I have owned.

Cheri T
So impressed!

I decided to buy this watch for our son because there was a great deal on it and im highly impressed! The packagks great, and the watch quality is itself is really good!

Joseph P.

Are the watch bands sold separately? I'd like to repurchase.


Among the five smartwatches I have, this is the one I am most satisfied with.

Katherine Bussey

I really like the PTT feature inside, it feels very innovative to me.

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