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Guide de l'utilisateur FitVII HM08

Instructions d'utilisation HM08


Vidéos explicatives

1.Comment changer les unités du tracker de fitness FITVII slim (HM08) ? (km en miles, kg en livres, ℉ à ℃)

 2.Comment appairer le FITVII Slim Fitness Tracker (HM08) avec votre téléphone ?

3.Comment activer le tracker de fitness mince FITVII (HM08) HR & Moniteur BP 24h/24 et 7j/7 ?

 4.Installation du bracelet de montre FITVII slim fitness tracker (HM08).


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Customer Reviews

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Kelsi R.
Worth the money!!

This watch is beautiful, it works really well and the metal bracelet has not caused me any allergies.
I had a Fitbit before, it also worked well but I lost it because the bracelet broke.
I had thought about buying the same one but I saw this one and decided, given the much cheaper price, to take the risk. I have no regrets about having done it. It's half the price of the cheapest Fitbit.
I am very happy with it and I highly recommend it!

highly recommended

It is definitely a pleasure to visit the fitvii official website. I previously purchased a Fitvii GT5 blood pressure watch, and the customer service staff was very patient in guiding me to calibrate my blood pressure. I am very satisfied with Fitvii's professional customer service attitude and the accuracy of the GT5 blood pressure watch. So I went back and bought a piece of HM08 as a gift for my daughter, hoping she would like it. I would recommend Fitvii to more people. I love fitvii.

Sid Bobby

I'm amazed by the accuracy of this watch's sport tracking features. It's really impressive.

Nelson Wheatley
FITVII user friendly, sleek design

I love how this watch has simplified my life. It's like having a personal assistant with me at all times.

Diana Maggie
Inexpensive First Fitness Tracking Watch

Best purchase I've made in a long time. This watch has truly changed the way I approach my health and fitness.

New Upgrade Fitvii GT5Pro Powerful Smartwatch

New blood glucose, blood pressure, ECG watch, data accuracy is more than 30%!

A holiday gift for parents