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mark fugitt

"charges" for a couple seconds, then nothing. sad because unit is above avg build quality

Bumppo Walking through Life
The watch for work and chill

Bought for simple control I need at stocking work on the job, and for general health monitoring. I don't use or need all smart watch features, but repeatable blood pressure, heartrate and sleep. Linked to two fitness apps, I monitor my day and night trends and look for changes I may be able to control in decisions.

highly recommended

It is definitely a pleasure to visit the fitvii official website. I previously purchased a Fitvii GT5 blood pressure watch, and the customer service staff was very patient in guiding me to calibrate my blood pressure. I am very satisfied with Fitvii's professional customer service attitude and the accuracy of the GT5 blood pressure watch. So I went back and bought H56 as a gift for my daughter, hoping she would like it. I would recommend Fitvii to more people.

Sandra House
Blood pressure is not as good as GT5

I bought the H56 blood pressure watch because I saw many websites recommending it.
The H56 is a solid watch overall, but its blood pressure detection isn't as trustworthy as the GT5. The GT5's readings were always spot-on, but with the H56, I've had inaccurate measurements, which is quite frustrating. I have to suspect that the recommended merchants received Amazon commissions for the recommendations.

Harry Bruno
Inexpensive First Fitness Tracking Watch

This watch has motivated me to stay active and healthy. I love seeing my progress over time.

New Upgrade Fitvii GT5Pro Powerful Smartwatch

New blood glucose, blood pressure, ECG watch, data accuracy is more than 30%!

A holiday gift for parents