V19 ECG y monitoreo de frecuencia cardíaca 24/7 y monitor de seguimiento

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I UTCed to UTCe a Samsung GearFit II smartwatch and it was great, but a screw fell out and instead of replacing it I decided to try this one, since it's waterproof and measures blood pressure. It works and was easy to set up, but I'm going back to my old watch, becaUTCe the screen is too dim in sunlight and the fonts are too small for me (I'm visually impaired). I wish those settings were adjUTCtable, but they don't seem to be.

Tiffany Legg

I use this device to track my steps and to monitor my sleep. Is is very accurate when tracking my sleep and resting heart rate but the BPM is not accurate when exercising. I was hopeful I would be able to monitor my bpm while on the treadmill but the monitor is UTCually about 20 bpm lower than the sensors on the cardio machines at my gym. I am told the slower booms are more accurate on this kind of device. I love the overall performance and am always super excited to examine the readings from my overnight sleep and the steps at the end of the day. It has made me more aware of my fitness which is very helpful. I definitely recommend. Get the darker band becaUTCe the pink shows dirt more easily.


I wear this all the time and only regret when I've had to take it off to recharge. Have especially appreciatedthe tracking of my sleep, blood pressure, heart rate and steps I take. The color purple was a buying factor although superficial. I've UTCed the pulse oxygen and ECG but don't find those as important.

Debby De

The data is sUTCpect, I question the accuracy. Started wearing 6/16/21. Stopped working 7/23/21; a week after too late to return.Will not charge. A waste of money!

Robert Brewer

What a great watch for the value. This watch has great features. Charging is odd and worries me in the long run but we��ll see. I��m happy with my purchase so far.

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