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Best Health Watches For Elderly 2024

The best health watches we compared

1.Best Style health watch: Apple Watch Series 9

2. Best Fitness Health watch: Samsung Galaxy Watch

3. Best Advanced Health Watch with Air Pump + BG + blood lipid + uric acid health watch: Fitvii CARE AIR 2

4. Best Budget health watch for seniors: FITVII GT5 smartwatch

As technology continues to advance, health monitoring devices are becoming smarter. In 2024, many eye-catching products have emerged on the market, among which Samsung Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch Series 9, Fitvii GT5 and Fitvii CARE AIR 2 have become the stars of attention. This blog will conduct an in-depth evaluation of the functions, design, performance and user experience of these watches to help you find the best blood pressure monitoring companion among the many available options. In addition, this blog will pay special attention to the introduction of Fitvii CARE AIR 2, which is requested by fans.

Fitvii CARE AIR 2

Best health watch


Fitvii CARE AIR 2 integrates the health technologies of watches such as Omron Heart Guide, Fitvii GT5Pro, Apple Watch Series 9, etc., It innovates 7/24 automatic continuous uric acid, blood sugar, and blood lipid functions, supplements the weather forecast function of GT5 and GT5PRO, improves the watch's ElectroPulse manual detection function, and fully completes 7/24 automatic detection and continuous monitoring of various life characteristics. After calibration, the data accuracy of the CARE AIR 2 health watch is as high as 99.97%, which is a Class II clinical medical device. etc.


  • Air Pump + Airbag Oscillometric Blood Pressure.
  • Environmentally friendly micro airbags.
  • Intelligent voice assistance improves measurement accuracy.
  • Pulse alarm.
  • Body temperature alarm.
  • Care function for up to three relatives
  • 24/7 automatic and continuous health monitoring, most watches on the market are manually tested.
  • The best electrocardiogram monitor allows you to check atrial fibrillation (Afib), allowing you to avoid irregular heart rhythms that may lead to stroke or heart failure.
  • Added blood sugar, uric acid and blood lipid monitor.
  • 99.9% accurate sleep monitoring.
  • No APP subscription fee is required.
  • Simple and easy-to-use APP, health guidance.
  • Long battery life. (15 days)
  • Good after-sales service.
  • 30-day refund, 720-day maintenance.


  • Blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids and uric acid need to be calibrated before use.
  • The watch is a bit bulky and not suitable for women.

    Order Fitvii CARE AIR 2

    All features

    • 24/7 automatic continuous blood pressure
    • 24/7 automatic continuous blood sugar 
    • 24/7 automatic continuous uric acid 
    • 24/7 automatic continuous body temperature 
    • ECG monitoring
    • 24/7 automatic continuous heart rate 
    • 24/7 automatic continuous blood oxygen
    • 24/7 automatic continuous blood lipid 
    • 24/7 automatic continuous breathing rate
    • Sleep monitoring
    • Activity tracking and exercise suggestions (pedometer, calories, mileage)
    • Exercise mode; (Enter the exercise mode, long press for 3 seconds to activate, when you start exercising, real-time monitoring of heart rate, steps, calorie consumption, mileage, from start to finish.)
    • Call and SMS reminder function; (including Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, email, WeChat, QQ and other social software)
    • Remote control photography (by rotating the wrist and the bracelet touch screen)
    • Weather
    • DIY surface
    • Alarm clock
    • Countdown
    • Stopwatch
    • Power saving mode
    • 10 levels of brightness adjustment
    • Music control
    • Do not disturb mode
    • Lock screen
    • Find mobile phone
    • Family sharing data
    • 15 days of battery life
    • IP68 waterproof

    Apple Watch Series 9

    Apple Watch Series 9 is the most advanced smartwatch on the market, offering a perfect blend of fitness tracking and smart features.


    • Best-in-class display and user interface.
    • Extensive app ecosystem and smart features.


    • No blood pressure feature.
    • Expensive compared to other fitness trackers.
    • APP subscription fee
    • Short battery life (about 18 hours), requires daily charging.

    Key Features:

    • Enhanced health monitoring: Includes ECG, blood oxygen monitoring, and irregular heart rhythm notifications.
    • Advanced fitness tracking: Accurately tracks a wide range of activities.
    • Integrated with the Apple ecosystem: Syncs seamlessly with your iPhone and other Apple devices.
    • Smart features: Comprehensive suite, including calls, texts, apps, and Apple Pay.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

    As the leader in smartwatches, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 combines high-end fashion with powerful functionality. In addition to blood pressure monitoring, its exercise tracking, sleep analysis and other functions have also been upgraded. With deep interconnection with smartphones, users can manage their health data more conveniently.


    • GPS 
    • Seamless integration with other Samsung devices and services.
    • Provides a wide range of health and fitness tracking features.


    • Expensive.
    • Blood pressure cannot be monitored automatically and continuously.
    • Blood pressure monitoring requires regular calibration using a traditional cuff.
    • Blood pressure is only available in some countries.
    • APP subscription fee.

    All features:

    • Blood pressure monitoring
    • GPS
    • ECG
    • Body composition analysis.
    • Heart rate monitoring.
    • 90+ sports modes
    • Sleep tracking
    • Includes notifications
    • Music control

    Fitvii GT5

    Fitvii GT5 blood pressure smartwatch

    Fitvii GT5 is highly regarded for its accurate medical-grade blood pressure measurement and has been praised by tens of thousands of customers. The use of professional sensors and algorithms ensures a high level of data accuracy. Its simple and elegant design and smart push function further enhance the user experience. Paying attention to the overall health of users, it not only supports blood pressure monitoring, but also has multiple sports modes, health reports and other functions. And the watch app WOFIT is very easy to use.

    24H Accurate Health Monitoring - Measure your Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure and Stress with Fitvii GT5 Smartwatch. Understand your physical state, especially for high-intensity or outdoor work such as high temperature, brainstorming, stay-up and get professional analysis on how to relax in a healthier and better way. 
    Fitvii GT5 also has functions that big brands such as Apple, Fitbit, Samsung and Omron do not have. Among them, Fitvii GT5's automatic continuous blood pressure (blood sugar) measurement throughout the day is very popular. This hands-free method means that people can get accurate and regular readings without stopping what they are doing to measure manually. It gives people peace of mind because it means that their blood pressure is being continuously monitored, which is especially important for controlling high blood pressure. Fitvii GT5 makes health tracking easy and reliable.

    Best blood pressure watch



    • 24/7 automatic and continuous blood pressure monitoring.
    • Accurate health data. BB & BG data are calibrated to an accuracy of up to 98.96%, with an error within 5 points.
    • No APP subscription fee.
    • Easy to use APP.
    • Long battery life.(7 days)
    • Excellent after-sales service.
    • 30-day refund and 180-day repair.
    • Trustpoilt 4-star review, Trustpoilt 4-star review. Highest score among peers


    • Not accurate enough for sports tracking data.
    • Blood pressure and blood sugar require calibration data before use.
    • No weather forecast function.
    • Buttons break easily.

    All functions:

    • 24/7 automatic  continuous blood pressure monitoring
    • 24/7 automatic  continuous blood sugar monitoring (upgraded GT5PRO)
    • 24/7 automatic  continuous body temperature monitoring
    • ECG monitoring (upgraded GT5PRO)
    • 24/7 automatic continuous heart rate monitoring
    • Blood oxygen monitoring
    • Stress monitoring (upgraded GT5PRO)
    • Family sharing data (upgraded GT5PRO)
    • Activity tracker and exercise suggestions (pedometer, calories, miles)
    • Sleep monitoring
    • Sports mode; (Enter sports mode, long press for 3 seconds to activate, when you start exercising, real-time monitoring of heart rate, steps, calories burned, mileage from start to finish.)
    • Call and SMS reminder function; (Including Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, email, WeChat, QQ and other social software)
    • Remote control photography (by rotating the wrist and bracelet touch screen)
    • DIY surface
    • Alarm clock
    • Countdown
    • Stopwatch
    • Power saving mode
    • 10 levels of brightness adjustment
    • Music control
    • Do not disturb mode
    • Lock screen
    • Find phone
    • Flashlight
    • 7-day battery life
    • IP67-IP68 waterproof

    The watch is currently priced at $94.9, which is only one third of the price of other brands of watches. If you are not satisfied with Fitvii GT5, Fitvii GT5 can also upgrade the Fitvii GT5 Pro smart watch with blood sugar and ECG function at the price difference, and the original watch does not need to be returned. 

    The upgraded Fitvii GT5 Pro also features automatic and continuous blood sugar monitoring throughout the day, and the blood pressure and blood sugar data are calibrated to an accuracy of up to 99.8%, with an error within 5 points.

    Please note: As FitVII's most proud GT series smartwatch with blood pressure accuracy than other watchFitvii GT5 is currently only sold on Fitvii and More-pro official website.(With warranty service).

    Purchase Fitvii GT5


    The health watch market in 2024 will show a diversified and innovative development trend. Choosing a watch that suits you needs to comprehensively consider functions, design, performance and personal use needs. Whether you pay more attention to accurate medical data or pursue the combination of fashion and technology, these five watches will become your right-hand man for health management. Finally, I hope this blog can provide you with useful reference when choosing a blood pressure watch.

    Fitvii Blood Pressure Watch Guide

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