Atualização: FITVII GT5 SmartWatch 20 modos esportivos com monitor de pressão arterial de frequência cardíaca

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Robert Gordon

Upgrade:FITVII GT5 SmartWatch 20 Sports Modes with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor

Horrible customer service and defective GT5 (also bought X7)

Received the GT5 and X7 about a week ago. Both watches missing functions listed on website description. The GT5 and it's companion app are horrible. It will pair to app but not Bluetooth. Unable to access half of what this watch claims to do due to these issues. Emailed customer service over 5 times and just got my first reply this morning- a link only. I've already used the link and searched for answers since customer service is horrible. The link is pointless and offers no help. I've asked twice for a refund and return because these watches are either defective or the apps are so bad you're unable to use these watches properly. The response to requesting a return/refund ... The super helpful link telling me what I already know. No return request or refund approval. Are they even reading there emails? I owned the H56 and loved it but wanted the Bluetooth calling features so I upgraded to these two watches. Big mistake. I bought the old h56 from Amazon and these new ones on this site. I should have stuck to Amazon's 'customer service' and return policy. Took a chance here and fully regret it all.

GT5 won't connect via Bluetooth so I can't deal with calls or music. It unpaired from phone/app constantly so it's unusable. Many times a day I have to reboot phone and watch to repair in app. Rarely get any notifications on watch. Watch shuts itself off randomly without warning, maybe once or twice a day. Watch and app have full permissions and is set up properly (because I used the stupid link a weeks ago). Would be great if it worked properly.

X7 only had BPM heart rate continuous monitoring, not BP, etc. The BP monitor is very inactive, I have high BP but this never really reads over 100/70 which is totally crap. The app is horrible and buggy but functions whereas the GT5 doesn't. No lock screen, no countdown timer, no ability to control vibration strength on either watch and you can barely feel it. No way to manually put watch screens to sleep on either watch. Only receive half my texts, maybe one call a day via watch but at least it connects.

Can't stress enough how horrible my customer service had been. Reached out via messages and two different email addresses many times and again only received a pointless link to instructions that already came with the watch. Doubt the BBB will help much but it's my only option for help now since I can't reach a real person that will actually read an email.

Stuck with Amazon and a more stable watch brand. Beware of these companion apps- they're horrible.

Very smart

An old fellow who likes technology very much. When I came into contact with this Fitvii GT5, I was deeply attracted. It is easy to operate and powerful. Highly recommended 👍

Joel Sanchez
Nice watch,but

My sincere thoughts: I purchased the FitVII GT5 watch hoping the blood pressure feature would work, not even close. Blood oxygen is OK and and pulse rate mediocre. Sleep function is good, the steps function a little off. There is only about 3 watch faces that may be useful to me. Material quality looks good. I do not want to find out if it is water or splash proof. Watch looks good on your wrist. I do not use it for phone or messaging stuff. I have not tried the music function.. So this is my sincere experience with the watch.

Use Fitvii again

I have been a FitVII wearer for many years. When the voluntary Morepro recall was announced I decided to switch over to an Apple watch. I wore the Apple watch for 4 days. It spent more time on the charger than it did on my wrist and there were so many buzzings and notifications that it became annoying, even after disabling some of them. So, I sent it back and ordered the FitVII GT5. I've had my GT5 for 8 days and have only had to charge it once after wearing it all day and night. It's comfortable. The app is easy to use, and was easy to switch from Morepro to the Wofit. There are tons of accessory options out there - I've ordered some screen protectors and colored wrist bands. The screen/face is the perfect size for my wrist. There are bunches of face options and colors to choose from as well. I'll be sticking with the FitVII over the Apple watch.

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