Rastreador de fitness e saúde HM19 com treinamento respiratório de gerenciamento de estresse para monitor de sono

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Joe Concepcion

Enjoying the HM19. I had several people asking where they could get one. I gave them your website.

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great health watch!

I'm still learning how to use this new piece of equipment. However, it's turning out to be very efficient and very effective in helping me understand what my body is doing during different situations. I had no idea how sleep depraved I truly was until I started wearing the HM19. It also helps me be more active by reminding me to take steps when needed. I still have a long way to go to be completely comfortable with it and use it to its full capacity. Progress though is being made. It holds its charge for several days and when in re-charge mode, it's very efficient.

Lela Brewer

After learning the method of rhythmatic breathing, it has helped me with my runs. If I get to a point to where I am struggling and I start focusing on my breathing I can settle back in to my pace. Would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their running.

Andrew Zornes

Got this as a gift and I couldn't be happier. It is extremely easy to use, it measures accurately, and the app is fantastic.

W. Mckay Warnick

Thank the HM19 smartwatch. As for how effective the techniques are, I have asthma, and it has never taken me much effort to get out of breath. I was always breathing heavy, even when sitting down. However, after just a couple weeks of doing these breathing exercises, my breath was much smoother and softer. I feel so much better, and I know that it's just going to keep getting better the more I do it.

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