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FitVII HM08 SpO2 kantav fitnessi jälgija koos ekraanikaitsega

FitVII HM08 SpO2 kantav fitnessi jälgija koos ekraanikaitsega

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Pane end riidesse! Disain, mis ühendab endas ehteid ja treeningu jälgija. Võtke erineva stiili ja värvi rihmad. Leidke stiil, mis teid liigutab.

HM08 on varustatud professionaalse magnetilise metallist magnetrihmaga, randme kinnitamiseks kuhugi tuleb see vaid kergelt panna. Veelgi olulisem on see, et see väldib nahaallergiat ja muudab teie randme mugavaks.

Mis on HM08 funktsioonid?

FITVII treeningujälgija võib mõõta teie vere hapnikusisaldust ja aidata teil mõista teie füüsilist seisundit. Suurepärane suure intensiivsusega treeningute ja spordialade jaoks, nagu maratonid ja jõusaalitreeningud.

Saate märguandeid sissetulevate kõnede, tekstimärguannete ja muude APP sõnumite kohta, nagu SMS, SNS, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram ja muud rakendused. Ärge muretsege selle pärast, et sotsiaalrakendustest jäävad olulised sõnumid ilma.

Saage aru oma puhkeoleku pulsisageduse ja vererõhu trendidest FITVII ööpäevaringse pulsi ja vererõhu jälgimise kellaga. Pakkuge oma treeningu planeerimiseks andmetuge.
DIY käekella sihver, mis teeb sellest maailmas ainulaadse jõulu-sõbrapäeva- ja sünnipäevakingituse.

Parem uni võib teie päevadele jõudu anda. automaatselt ja vaikselt jälgida oma uneseisundit ja unemustreid. Jälgige oma aega kerges ja sügavas unes, et paremini mõista oma une kvaliteeti igal õhtul.

HM08 salvestab ja ennustab naiste menstruaaltsüklit ning saadab naiste menstruatsiooni jälgimise süsteemiga nutikate märguannete meeldetuletusi. Seda funktsiooni saab kasutada kasutaja erinevate füsioloogiliste seisundite õigeaegse meeldetuletusena, see on naistele kõige paremini hoolitsetud.

Öelge hüvasti selle vaevaga, et ärgates otsite oma telefoni ilma, et kella vaadata, tõstke lihtsalt randme ja ilm on ühe pilguga selge.

Seadme leidmiseks pole vaja teist telefoni kasutada, FitVII HM08 3S leiab teie seadme hõlpsalt üles. Kui kerge ja mugav.

Kasutage rakendust FitCloudPro, et leida funktsioone oma eesmärkide saavutamiseks ja saada selgemaid analüüsiandmeid oma tervise kohta Pika kasutusajaga akuga. Ühe täislaadimisega saate kuni 7+ päeva tavakasutust või 15+ päeva ooteaega. (muutub olenevalt kasutusest ja muudest teguritest)

Kõik funktsioonid 

  • 24/7 personali jälgimine
  • 24/7 vererõhu jälgimine
  • SPO2 jälgimine
  • Une jälgimine
  • 7 spordirežiimi
  • IP68 veekindel
  • Naiste tervise meeldetuletus
  • Muusikajuhtimine
  • DIY kellasint
  • Kaugkaamera
  • Igapäevase aktiivsuse jälgimine (sammud, vahemaa ja põletatud kalorid)
  • Helistage, saatke SMS ja rakenduse märguanded ja poe teave
  • Heleduse reguleerimine
  • Istuva töö meeldetuletus
  • Tagasiloendus & stopper
  • Alarmid
  • Ise ise käekella sihver
  • Valgustage ekraan, pöörates randmet
  • Mitte segada
  • Otsi seade
  • Leia telefon
  • Reaalajas ilm
  • Tõrvik
  • Säästke energiat
  • Perekonto režiim
  • Imperial & Mõõdiku seaded
  • Valgustage ekraan, pöörates randmet


Mudel HM08
Ekraani suurus 1,47 tolli
Toote kaal 1,76 untsi (50 g)
Patareid Vaja on 1 liitiumioonakut. (kaasas)
Resolutsioon 170*320
Aku tööiga 7-10 päeva
Laadimisaeg Umbes 2 tundi 
Laadimisviis Magnetiline laadimisalus
Tugi Android 5.0 ja iOS 10 ja uuemad, ei ühildu arvuti, iPadi ega tahvelarvutiga.
11 keelt
hiina, inglise, jaapani, saksa, vene, hispaania, itaalia, prantsuse, portugali, poola, araabia

Pakett sisaldab

  • 1*HM08 nutikell
  • 1*HM08 laadija 
  • 1*HM08 Ekraanikaitse
  • 1*HM08 kasutusjuhend


  • Usume tõesti, et pakume mõnda maailma kõige uuenduslikumat toodet ja tahame tagada, et tagame selle riskivaba 90-päevase garantiiga.
  • Meil on meilitugi. Kui vajate abi, võtke meiega ühendust.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1843 reviews
Not impressed!

I am not impressed with thefitvii hm08. The battery didn't last even half a day...I reached out to customer service and followed their instructions to continue to charge and it would get better..which it did but only slightly. Then I couldn't get it to "bond" to my phone. I wanted to return it for a refund but when I looked into the return policy you can't return it if you have used it at all...wait, what? I do not recommend this product at all.

judy dykins

I am 79 years old and technologically challenged. I plan to visit my son soon and have him set the fitness tracker up for me. I have not been able to use it.

Melody Cathrine

o far, so good. I've only used this for a few days, but am pretty impressed! First off, I think they sent a gold colored watch face for my pink band, but it's not that noticeable. I wondered how it could measure BP without pumping up, but apparently there is something new called pulse arrival time (PAT) that measures time and/or strength between a heartbeat and the time it reaches your wrist as a pulse. It's seeming pretty accurate. Same with oxygen and HR. Weather measurement is off. I tried the sleep monitoring one night and that seemed pretty good too. I usually have an 1.5-hr intermission during sleep in the middle (hate it, but that's the way it is). It picked up a 30 min awake time surrounded by light sleep instead. I'm usually watching TV during that time, so I think I was awake. No biggie. I saw that I'm getting the deep sleep required. Steps seemed spot on when going straight continually, maybe not as good when turning around. I haven't tried the different activities' counts, but found when I rode my exercise bike, the watch did not pick it up as steps. I'm older and not great with newer technology, but eventually did sort out most of the app and settings. Tricky for old fingers to get the band on, but I did. Then realized I needed to charge it first and couldn't find any holes. By luck, when maneuvering it, the swinging cable attached itself to the magnets on the back of the watch. LOL. The Q&As here helped me along (thanks, fellow shoppers). I'm still getting the swiping directions down to find things on it. For those who can't find how to change metric to imperial, you do it through the app on your phone. There are three tabs in the app at the bottom of the screen that bring up a host of selections under Home, Device, and Mine. For some things to work, you need to provide permissions. IE, I had to allow access to SMS and WhatsApp to view text messages on the screen. Tiny to read, but neat technology. It throws out Hints if you're trying to set something up, but have not allowed specific permissions yet to do so. Now some of the things it asked permission for seemed out of bounds to me, and I refused. So I probably will never even try to put a picture on my watch, see my email there or phone calls. I did find a more pleasing face dial in their app library than the red/black or striped thing.

Exceptional and comfortable smart watch

The watch functions very well and the size and comfort is really nice.
Being to be able to get text messages and know your phone is ringing is a great feature. If you have your sound turned down you get a vibration and message on screen. You still have to answer call on your phone, but if you don't want to answer you swipe the hang up.
Love the sleep monitoring and battery life is exceptional. Getting real time heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen level works great.
I've only had it a week but glad I pick this one. Definitely get alot of bang for what you pay.

Good watch

I was surprised and wowed over all of the features. I was able to set it up in a day. I'm not sure how it will perform since I've had it for only 24 hours. The app drops the bluetooth connection often and I don't know how that affects the continuous tracking of my data.

The instructions were sparse and confusing. I wish the Youtube videos would show me how to set it up step by step instead of just showing all of the wonderful features. It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration.

In conclusion, this watch would be great for those who are curious about their health vitals. But if you're a typical senior, you would probably need someone to help you to set it up and show you how to make it work. If you can do that, you will really love this. But why not give it a try - it's pretty inexpensive.

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