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La plej bona viro Fitvii™Stronksa sano, kun 38% pli da datumkuraceco

La plej bona viro Fitvii™Stronksa sano, kun 38% pli da datumkuraceco

Regula prezo $119.90 USD
Regula prezo $399.90 USD Venda prezo $119.90 USD
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Imposto inkluzivita.
Forta horloĝo, kiu estas tre taŭga por militistaro. Datumaj detekto estas ĝis 38% pli preciza ol aliaj horloĝoj.

Nun dum la nova produktperiodo, kodo: 20% OFF

Haltigu eternecon por ili.

Per helpo de muŝmaŝinoj kun alta rapida tranĉado, ni produktas saĝajn horloĝojn
La kazo estas farita el la plej alta kvalito anodigita metalo - desegnita por esti longa kunulo.

Horloĝo, kiu estas konstruita por daŭri, kun senparata longviveco.

Korrosio estas perfekta kaj la flata ekrano protektas kontraŭ vibraĵoj.

Revoluigi vian tagon.

Ŝokolta akvoprof kaj malalta temperaturo rezistas (supre ĝis -70 °) HM38 defas la plej malbonajn mediojn.

Kondizoj por doni gravan informojn pri vi rekte al vi.

Prefera al teknologio kaj funkcioj

Stencilsa metala kaŝo, akra AMOLED, altakvalito. Funkcio de Bluetooth telefono, precizaj sensoroj, ideala saĝa horloĝo. Idea por uzantoj kun streĉaj postuloj pri stilo kaj multifunicio.

HM38 ankaŭ prizorgas la sanon kaj certigante la kvaliton de la horloĝo, ni ne forgesas plibonigi la detekton de korpo-indikajoj, inkluzive de sangoppremo.

Kiu estas la ĝusta al vi?

Alia: Malmulte farita 8 paŭzo rapide
HM38: Perfekta elekto por postuli uzantojn, kiuj serĉas ultimaan
Difinu fortecon kaj resilicon.

Ĉiuj funkcioj

  • Bluetootvoko
  • 24/7 Kurprapo monitorado
  • HR memorigo
  • Kontrolado de sangopremo
  • La dormo- kontrolado de 24/7
  • Bloo- oksigeno
  • Premo testo
  • Spira trejnado
  • Kromalo
  • Vetermemorito
  • IP67 Aktrol
  • 20 sportmodoj
  • Ĉiutaga akcepto (pasoj, distanco kaj kalorioj bruligis)
  • Telefonvoko, teksto kaj aplikadoj kaj konservi informon
  • Fora fotilo
  • Alĝustigi lumo
  • Sedentara rememorito
  • & Nombroj
  • Alarmoj
  • Lumigu la ekranon rotaci vian manzon
  • Ne ĝenu
  • Trovi aparaton
  • Trovi telefonon
  • Konservi potencon
  • Imperaj & metrikaj agordoj
  • Lumigu la ekranon rotaci vian manzon

  • 1* HM38 Smartwac
  • 1* HM38
  • Manlibro de uzanto
  • Ni vere kredas, ke ni portas kelkajn el la plej novaj produktoj en la mondo, kaj ni volas certiĝi, ke ni subtenas tion per per riska fero-klado. Agorado de 180 tago.
  • Ni havas retpoŝta subtenon: ... Bonvolu kontakti nin, se vi bezonas helpon.

Customer Reviews

Based on 399 reviews
Jeffrey Singleton
Awesome so far

Been 15 days and I‘ve only had to charge once after the initial one. I’ve double checked the BP and it‘s almost the same as my electronic BP machine and at the Dr. office too. I like having the instant ability to take my BP. I like the text and call notifications because I don’t miss them anymore. I LOVE that it does have a speaker or microphone for the price it is awesome! I 100% recommend it!

Elaine O'Rourke
Love it!

I had a Fitvii smart watch for a few years and was very happy with it. So much so I ordered another one because my HM03 died.

-Just about the right shape and size and weight for me. Looks nice.
-Interface smooth and easy to use. Different from the Android-like style of Samsung or Amazfit but easy enough in its own way. No lags. Decently customizable. Decent app selection in the store.
-Touchscreen works really well; responsive when I actually want to use it, but rarely picks up accidental touches, or wiping it with my sleeve.
-Great fitness features for general casual fitness. Good GPS for hiking (under the Walking activity). Lots of good motivators to be active, and tons of metrics even just for normal daily use.
-Excellent battery life, good for a week without GPS activities. GPS uses ~10% per hour, still good.
-Good selection of watchfaces, stock and third-party.
-Transreflective display - I wasn't sure about this, but I've come to really like it! It's certainly not as "pretty" as AMOLED like on a Samsung, but much more practical, and far better battery life. AOD 24/7 for a week straight, backlight only needed in the dark, very clear and easy to read in sunlight - a much better choice for a fitness-focused watch in my opinion. Very happy with it!
-I like fitvii hm38. Pretty easy to use and lots of info.

-Transreflective display - I like it, as noted above, but it takes some getting used to at first after AMOLED, and will never be as "pretty" except in bright sunlight which is where it really shines (literally).
-Slightly thicker than I might prefer.
-Plastic build, other than bezel. I don't mind and it's sturdy and light, but it doesn't say "premium."

-Sleep tracking. For me this is the major con, especially compared to the HM03. Accuracy is only okay, sleep and wake times decent, but sometimes missed when I'm in bed awake, or even got up to go to the bathroom. No sleep score and no insights, and can't view sleep on the watch. Sleep tracking is where the HM03 really excels by comparison - impressively accurate, and very helpful sleep score and insights, onboard calculation and widget... the HM03 outstrips the HM38.

Ibrahima Drame
Great product

The artificial intelligence of the GOLIAT Smartwatch has taken my training to a new level. She analyzes my sports activities and gives me personalized recommendations to improve my skills. Just awesome!

michael biamomte
High quality!

I chose the Fitvii HM38 Smartwatch because I need ultimate robustness and durability. It fully meets my expectations - no matter what conditions I wear it under.

krishna polineni
Excellent gift, outperforms Fitvii

I had aGarmin that died within 8 months. it was terribly inaccurate during exercises, which is kind of its main job. Thankfully, this fitness tracker by Fitness is 100x better and highly recommended.

The exercise tracking is superb. My Garmin would have extremely irregular heart tracking. I'd be in a full cardio workout and it would register my heart rate at 80bpm. This tracker has no issues - the heart rate tracker works well, doesn't have wild drops, and steadily and accurately records my heart rate with no issues. I've used the walk activity tracker to track a 3 hour hike, and it recorded my route, heart rate, and calories burned.

I've read other reviews mentioning that the battery life doesn't live up to the specs, but I haven't seen this as the case. On my 3 hour hike using GPS, my battery only drained 15%. If you make sure that your Pulse Ox meter is off, you should get several days worth of battery. It also charges quickly, so if you take it off and charge it when you shower, you should have no issues.

Overall, I highly recommend this tracker. It's very accurate, has a good battery life, lots of features, and it is visually appealing.

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To ensure that you get the maximum satisfaction from our products, the Fitvii team makes sure to test each product for quality assurance. Thus, we are confident that we offer the best and most innovative products just for you. To top that off, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee when you can try our products and see if it's for you.

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What is your return policy?

We provide 30 days refund and 180 days repair service.

What are the rules of cancelling orders?

All orders can be canceled for free within 24 hours. Since the credit card platform charges fees, a handling fee equivalent to 10% of the product price will be charged. Please consider your purchase carefully to avoid cancellation fees.

Which countries can you ship to?

We can ship to all countries except Russia, Belarus and Türkiye

How many languages does the watch support?

🌐13 languages (English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, Português, svenska, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, 日本語, 한국인, etc.)