FitVII GT5 Smartwatch mit HR+BP+SPO2+TEMP-Überwachung+Displayschutzfolie

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Bob White
Great Device

I have blood pressure problems. I have checked my fitVii against my regular BP machine and found a good correlation. This way when I am away from home and have problems I can check my BP and know what I should do. I know it is not medically approve but it give me a number that is always in the ball park.

It works fine for some functions

Sleep tracker seems somewhat accurate, but easily fooled. It will think I am awake and up when I was still sleeping depending on how I move.
Blood Pressure monitoring is a joke. I did not expect much. I've been an EMT & Paramedic for 20 years and I know wrist worn BP devices leave much to be desired. Worst part of this that could lead to better accuracy is allowing Pulse Pressure to be set wider than 40 for some circulatory situations. As it is if you customize BP out side of a normal BP the watch is programmed not to allow that.
Steps. Exaggerated. I have GPS on my phone and it is always more accurate than the watch even though both use an accelerometer for sleep and steps.

Chris Albin-Brooks
Loving the FitVII GT5 Smartwatch!

I ordered this smart watch to help me track my steps and my cardiovascular health. It's very handy for exercise to track distance travelled and gives an estimate of calories burned which is helpful for tracking my intake. It also monitors sleep quality which I've found useful for reflecting on how I feel if I have a good night's sleep versus if I stay up late.

The heart rate monitor is pretty good. When it comes to blood pressure is the only place this falls short, but this is with a huge caveat! I have hypertension so my blood pressure can be a bit high and sometimes sits outside of the range for what I think this is calibrate for. It seems to top out around 130 for systolic when I may be a few points above that. I can't really fault the company for this though as it's not supposed to be diagnostic and was made for the average population. When I am within the typical range it seems to track pretty well.

One slightly annoying thing is that the blue tooth connectivity to the phone for receiving messages and graphing data is only on when the app is open. It would be nice to let the app run in the background and not have to constantly reconnect.

Beyond that I think it's a great product. Would recommend as a nice, budget friendly alternative to some of the more expensive fitness smartwatches!

Entertainment timepiece

I am a night owl and sleep during the day. The watch stops logging sleep after about an hour and a half after finally going to sleep at 0330.
My blood pressure was about 30 points lower, consistently than the watch. Then, remembered that this watch is for entertainment value only.
It IS a great watch. I like all the weird screens. Interesting. I keep poking at it and it is ... interesting
As an older person, I have problems seeing the icons. They are colorful blobs to me. If you have "bad" eyes, you may want to keep this in mind.
Also, I am getting slower at everything, including reading. The watch will light up and screen disappear before I can finish looking at it's screen.
I still like this time piece. It's a great watch.

Needs Better App

I really like the watch. It is large, easy to read, and easy to charge. the charge lasts about a week+. the issue is with the app. It is glitchy and needs a lot of work.

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