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Fitvii New Poewerful Smartwatch Taxa de diferença

Fitvii New Poewerful Smartwatch Taxa de diferença

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Reasons you’ll love Fitvii Ugarde Powerful Health Smartwatch
Advanced Health Tracker, Know Your Health Better

  • Blood Glucose Testing: Non-invasive, easy to check blood sugar levels
  • ECG heart rate monitoring: 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Blood Oxygen Monitor: Keep everything under control and avoid excessive exercise
  • Blood Pressure Monitor: Automatically records real-time data 24/7.
  • Body temperature monitoring: preventing infectious diseases.
  • Stress Monitor: Better understand your stress and health.
  • Sleep monitoring: Score and analyze sleep quality and give professional suggestions.
  • Breathing training: improve lung function and prevent respiratory diseases.
  • Add My Family: View health reports and workout dates for family members.
Non-invasive measurement of blood glucose throughout the day Better control of blood sugar levels.
Combined with optical signal processing and artificial intelligence technology, it can provide 24-hour continuous non-invasive blood sugar monitoring, easily understand the trend of blood sugar changes, adjust diet, exercise and other lifestyles according to the data, and better control blood sugar levels.

24/7 ECG measurement

No need to wear a heart rate band, it can be measured on the wrist,using smart pulse technology and hardware standards, through the ECG measurement principle, using the heart bioelectric signal 30S to view ECG data.

The Premiere wearable blood pressure monitor.

Designed to keep you informed, Fitvii Powerful Health Smartwatch is a accurate wearable blood pressure monitor designed in the innovative form of a watch, delivering powerful smart sensing technology to track your heart data and understand how your actions impact you of heart health. Makes tracking and managing your blood pressure easier than ever.
Dual PD dynamic continuous heart rate acquisition24 hours to monitor your heart rate
The built-in optical heart rate sensor keeps an eye on your heart rate changes around the clock. UNM connects to the mobile app to check your heart rate changes at each time period, draw a heart rate curve,and present the beauty of your heartbeat.

Blood oxygen monitor

Remind you to perform blood oxygen saturation detection according to altitude changes to protect your body's limit. Continuously monitor all signs, and the multi-faceted medical report clearly shows the health status and supports automatic monitoring.
Real-time pressure monitoring throughout the day

Pressure monitoring to keep an eye on your status and remind you to adjust your breathing and de-stress in time. And Intimate alerts when it is too high.

7/24 automatic monitoring of body temperature

realizing all-day temperature monitoring on the wrist. The GT5 smartwatch has a built-in new infrared temperature measurement chip, uploads data every 1 minute, and displays your all-day data on the APP. You can view detailed health data in the MOREPRO App. Learn about health conditions and adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

Breathing training

If you have trouble sleeping, Fitvii Powerful Health smart watch adding the breathing training function to help you sleep. In just a few seconds, It immerses you in breathing exercises in the easiest way to improve your health and correct your breathing.

the most comprehensive healthsleep monitoring system,

You can check if your sleep quality has improved after breathing training with it. Truly understand your sleep habits for well-being. Light sleep can also be easily monitored at night, Monitor your sleep status and sleep pattern silently and automatically. It is capable of light sleep monitoring, deep sleep real-time monitoring, and saves 7 days of sleep records.
Sedentary reminder. Caring about your body more about you

The thoughtful sedentary reminder function is specially designed for you who study and work for a long time. hen you are sedentary for a long time, the bracelet will remind you to get up and move around through vibration to take care of your health.

Multiple sports modes , meet your exercise needs

To change unreasonable exercise methods, you can choose an exclusive exercise program according to your own needs, and plan exercise time and intensity reasonably.The real-time exercise data can be seen by raising the wrist,and the exercise data can be mastered throughout theprocess to make the exercise effect better!
IP68 waterproof, meet daily waterproof

It adopts waterproof design and can be worn in the rain or shower to meet the needs of daily use, allowing you to wear it more freely in different environments.

Strong battery life

Low-power chips, deep-rooted power management and optimization make the watch last for a long time, allowing you to wear it 7 days without worry.

More functions are waitingfor you to explore

Note: Not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and should not be relied on for any medical purposes.

All features 

  • Blood Sugar Monitoring
  • 7/24 automatic blood pressure monitoring
  • 7/24 ECG monitoring
  • 7/24 automatic body temperature monitoring
  • Stress Testing
  • Family Sharing Account
  • 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring; (24 hours continuous heart rate monitoring, analyze the change of heart rate, and timely remind when abnormalities are found)
  • Blood oxygen monitoring
  • HRV monitoring and analysis
  • Activity tracker and exercise suggestion(Pedometer, Calories, Miles)
  • Accurate sleep monitoring
  • Sports model; (enter the motor pattern, and Long press 3 seconds to activate. When Start doing exercise, monitor the heart rate in real-time, steps, calorie consumption, and mileage from start to finish.)
  • Alarm clock remind (no noise wake-up, 20 sets of event reminder ICONS)
  • Call and SMS alert function; (including Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Email, WeChat, QQ, and other social software)
  • Remote control taking photos (by rotating the wrist and Touch screen of the bracelet)
  • Countdown, Stopwatch function
  • Function switch(Common switch: Heart rate, Blood pressure monitoring)
  • Call reminder,mute,rejection
  • RTC(12/24 hours)
  • Upgrade; Music remote control.
  • Wechat WeRun
  • Lighted-up screen duration and brightness adjustment

  • We truly believe we carry some of the most innovative products in the world, and we want to make sure we back that up with a risk-free ironclad 180-day guarantee.
  • We have  Email Support: fitviisns@gmail.com. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Brian Scott
Nice Watch

I bought 4 or 5 smart watches in the past because they were inexpensive.
My bad, you get what you pay for and while the Fitvii powerful was not super expensive it has the great features I wanted like blood glucose monitoring and laser physiotherapy. I struggled a little getting the calibrations down but I am VERY impressed with the technology in this watch. This company's support team was there on the spot to get me back on track when I stumbled, so I have to give the highest rating possible on this purchase.
Happy customer.

Todd Griffith
Better than going to the doctors

Greatest 24 hr monitor for all your health needs this watch teaches you when to slow down when to put the cake down and when to speed up it diagnosed my Bradycardia in 2 days my Cardiologist is still trying to diagnose me after 4 yrs and is still waiting for the chest monitor results to come back from the lab do yourself or your Mom or Dad a life saving favor and get this watch I'm 70 with type 2 like the rest of my generation how did we make it with out this device

William Murray
Great value - the free app really opens the functionality!

At 67 years, I am more conscious of my blood pressure and heart rate since I have had issues before. I can check my heart rate directly on the watch, but not the blood pressure. The app is needed for that, and it is well worthwhile. Not only can I check my blood pressure, but once the watch and phone are synchronized, the app shows hours worth of both blood pressure and heart rate measurements on separate charts. Very cool! It also monitors my sleep and blood oxygen levels.But how accurate is it? So far, the watch seems to read up to 10-15 points high on the BP and up to 10 points high on the heart rate. This is no problem as long as I know to allow for this when reading the daily charts. Included in this review is a sample BP chart.The sleep monitor matched what I expected. I don't get much deep sleep, mostly broken light sleep. I have no idea how accurate the blood oxygen levels are.I love the large screen size and variety of faces, or "dials" available to match the users' preferences.For the $129 I paid, this watch is a real bargain.

Live look and usefulness.

Love strap's leather look but rubber inside so it won't get stinky when one sweats. Functionality is everything that I expected and more. Supporting mobile app even has US measures options. I love the purchase. Feels solid, well made.

In conclusion, there are watches that have a better integration with Android or Apple iOS, are more customizable, and look more like jewelry, but these generally will cost you a lot more money. If you want something affordable that gets the job done, I think this watch is an excellent choice. It does most everything it claims to do quite well and easily. I am very impressed.

Thomas McElhinney
Good with caveats

Good watch. Does what it claims. Faces are too childish. No battery indicator. Don't know why there is a compass option on a health watch. I need this fir health reasons so I am happy with these functions. Would have liked a different strap option too. However as a health monitoring device it is among the best available

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