Why Women are thrilled with the FITVII X7? fitvii

Why Women are thrilled with the FITVII X7?

FitVII aims to support users' health through its technology. For example, the FitVII GT5 blood pressure watch released on July 23, 2021, is very popular among customers. With the GT5, some users are well tracking their blood pressure health data in the Wofit health app, improving their overall health.

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Now FitVII finds that although women account for more than half of the global population, there are always problems such as a lack of investment in the field of women's health, insufficient scientific research, and medical services that need to be improved.

Therefore, paying attention to women's health is something we can't wait to do. Here, FitVII spent 200 million US dollars to hire global researchers to participate in the research and development of this X7 watch about women's health, and spent 100 million US dollars to test this watch, hoping to reduce the medical costs of women around the world and improve their lives. quality. Health experts say the FitVII X7 will help people track their overall health. We estimate that this will save women nationwide $13 billion in healthcare economic costs.

So how do women benefit from the FitVII X7 watch?

The FitVII X7 watch focuses on women's reproductive health and realizes ovulation and menstrual tracking functions. Designed to help people gain a deeper understanding of their ovulation and menstrual cycles. This may be beneficial for those who plan to have a baby and is effective in preventing polycystic ovary syndrome, uterine fibroids, and thyroid disease.

Stress test: It has a comprehensive stress value test, which is a 1-minute HRV test calculation. This can monitor our state of mental stress at all times so that we can better take active rest methods and allow the body to recover from the monitoring. Studies have shown that a good mental state can prevent some diseases in women and old age.
Sleep monitoring: Maintaining a good sleep state is the best beauty state for women. The FitVII X7 has enhanced sleep tracking that utilizes an accelerometer and heart rate sensor to help users track when they are in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, core sleep, and deep sleep. In this way, the user can master his sleep state and adjust his sleep according to the sleep data.



"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in older Americans. But by regularly monitoring their blood pressure, weight, and heart rate, the elderly can keep their hearts healthy and reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease, even death."

At this moment, FitVII will offer you:

1.Sphygmomanometer—Control your blood pressure and health to improve your quality of life!

2.Heart Rate Monitor—Take control of your heart health and improve your overall health!

3.Activity Tracking—By tracking your activity, you can stay motivated, achieve your fitness goals and improve your physical and mental health.

• Calorie monitoring (this is very useful).

• Step counting (we like to start step counting!)

Fitness Tracking—Record and compare your workouts.

4.Notifications & Reminders—Notifications & Reminders feature allows you to receive alerts for important events, appointments, and medication reminders directly on your wrist.


The cost of scientific research and materials invested behind FitVII is 300 million U.S. dollars.

The FitVII X7 smartwatch normally sells for $119.9, which is still a great price…

However, at this time FitVII hopes to popularize this X7 watch to more women, and it is selling it at an incredible price of $69.9 on the official website of FitVII and our partner Morepro.

That's right...you can buy a revolutionary smartwatch for just $69.9. Just imagine, you only need to spend seventy or eighty dollars, and you can avoid spending more money later. As we said earlier, using 300 million US dollars will save women in the country 13 billion US dollars in medical economic expenditures.

This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime deal! Because the discount is so great, we can only hold it until the current stock is exhausted. So make sure you act really fast to seal the deal (They also make great Mother's Day gifts!)

Finally, we provide:

  1. 180 days money back after-sales service.
  2. 24-hour online customer service.
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