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FitVII GT5 Smartwatch with HR+BP+SPO2+TEMP monitoring

FitVII GT5 Smartwatch with HR+BP+SPO2+TEMP monitoring

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1 in 3 men over the age of 30 have hypertension (High Blood Pressure), 


Most People's Favorite-Fitvii GT5

According to the survey of popular blood pressure watches in the market.

Order now and note that you can get a free sport strap + protective film✅

Please note

  • As FitVII's most proud GT series watch, GT5 is currently only sold on Fitvii and More-pro official website.(With warranty service).

The Fitvii GT5 smartwatch will automatically track your real-time heart rate and blood pressure to help you understand your physical fitness. GT5 has a precise dynamic heart rate sensor, which automatically measures your heart rate every 100 milliseconds, and automatically uploads the data to the MOREPRO APP every minute.

24-hour automatic blood pressure monitoring and automatic upload of data to MOREPRO APP every five minutes.
Adopting advanced sensors, the watch can detect your blood pressure while recording the data in its companion app morePro( Please scan the QR code in the manual to download the app), which helps you know body changes better. NOTE the data cannot be used as a medical-grade test.

How to turn on blood pressure monitoring?

1. Open "MorePro" APP--click device--find "Switch Setting"
2. Click "Switch Setting"--Open "Blood Pressure Test" to find the blood pressure monitoring interface on the smartwatch.
3. Go back to the first interface of the smartwatch and swipe the screen to the left to find the blood pressure monitoring interface.


BLOOD OXYGEN SATURATION MONITOR: You can measure your blood oxygen saturation and understand your physical state with GT5. The following groups are advised to pay attention to blood oxygen conditions: High-intensity mental workers, the aged, alpine/plateau environment hypoxia population, snoring crowd.

24-hour automatic monitoring of body temperature, realizing all-day temperature monitoring on the wrist. The GT5 smartwatch has a built-in new infrared temperature measurement chip, uploads data every 1 minute, and displays your all-day data on the APP. You can view detailed health data in the MOREPRO App. Learn about health conditions and adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

YOUR SMART SPORTS COMPANSION: An ultimate easy-to-use activity fitness tracker with 20 sport modes including run, fast walk, pool swim, rope-jump, volleyball, basketball, soccer, climb, aerobics, dynamic cycling, yoga, dance, sit-ups, tennis, breathing training, hiking, baseball. 

MorePro GT5 smartwatch uses wireless charging technology to hide the charging hole of the magnetic sheet to avoid rusting the charging hole. When charging, you only need to place the bottom of the watch on the wireless charger to automatically charge. (wireless charger is included in the product)


The GT5 smartwatch is equipped with a 1.69-inch high-definition color display, and there are 9 watch faces in the APP for you to choose from. You can download various watch faces from the APP according to your style and preferences. And you can DIY a custom watch face, choose your favorite pictures, such as photos of your family, friends, or pets.

How to personalize your watch face?

Please go to "MorePro" App --> Device --> Watch Face Style --> Select the FIRST picture to edit your own watch face.



The MorePro GT5 smartwatch is based on the IP68 waterproof standard and can be used for daily cold showers, sweat, hand washing, etc.

Prohibited: use in hot water bathing, diving, and other scenes.

By connecting GT5 smartwatches with APP, your information can be displayed on the smartwatches synchronously, such as incoming calls, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Line, SKype, Gmail, etc, you will never miss important news.

This health watches with a wireless charger,180 mAh lithium polymer battery, only 2h charging, ensure you professional personal health consultants and data records for more than 7 days, standby time can reach more than 20 days.

 All features 

  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring
  • 24/7 blood pressure monitoring
  • 24/7 body temperature detection
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • 20 sport modes(Running, walking, cycling, breathing training, HIIT, plank, rope skipping, yoga, mountain climbing, hiking, spinning, rowing machine, stepper, elliptical machine, basketball, tennis, badminton, football, baseball, rugby)
  • Accurate sleep detection
  • Daily activity tracking (steps, distance, calories)
  • DIY surface
  • Alarm clock
  • Countdown
  • Stopwatch
  • Information reminder
  • Power saving mode
  • 10-level brightness adjustment
  • Music control
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Lock screen
  • Find phone
  • Flashlight


Customer Reviews

Based on 1256 reviews
Bruce Jankowitz
very buggy fitii gt5

I've had the watch for a few weeks now and have found both the watch and app to be very buggy. The app is constantly syncing (can't do anything while it syncs). The various modes, and sports functions sometimes don't save data properly. I like the watch for the heath monitoring but not happy overall and do not recommend purchasing one.

Larry Junker
Great. buy

Great buy. The blood pressure is right on. It was easy to set up. I bought two one for my wife and one for myself. I'm glad I purchased them and would do it again.

Donald Gordon
FitVII GT5 Watch and Company Review

The watch is great. The company and its customer service is superb.

Shirley Sakschek
What do I think of the GT5 Smartwatch

The GT5 Smartwatch is a great watch and I'm very happy with it. All of the many sports options are great but at my age I find it more important to keep track of my heart, blood pressure, O2, and temperature. Which the GT5 does! Also the step and drinking reminders helps plus I also receive inbound calls and texts. It's economical compared to some other brands. I would recommend it to everyone. The only thing I don't know if I didn't set it up correctly is the Pairing of it to my phone.. I have to keep pairing it when I want to see my results.

This watch is almost perfect.

All functions are amazing and precise.
Even the blood pressure is on point all the time.

But we need to able to create our own Watch Face with data, not just the time on an image.
We also need to have weather info from the web (or API) for a better experience.

But again, for the price, you will not find anything near this watch.

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