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FITVII GT2 SmartWatch ECG with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor

FITVII GT2 SmartWatch ECG with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor

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Reasons you’ll love GT2

Electrodes+green light +red light+infrared 4 layers detection, smartwatch help automatically monitor HR every minute & BP every 5 minutes and record the daily data to form reports.

Note: Not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and should not be relied on for any medical purposes.

 All features 

  • 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring; (24 hours continuous heart rate monitoring, analyze the change of heart rate, and timely remind when abnormalities are found)
  •  ECG monitoring function
  • Blood oxygen monitoring
  • HRV monitoring and analysis
  • Activity tracker and exercise suggestion(Pedometer, Calories, Miles)
  • Accurate sleep monitoring
  • Exercise blood pressure
  • Sports model; (enter the motor pattern, and Long press 3 seconds to activate. When Start doing exercise, monitor the heart rate in real-time, steps, calorie consumption, and mileage from start to finish.)
  • Alarm clock remind (no noise wake-up, 20 sets of event reminder ICONS)
  • Call and SMS alert function; (including Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Email, WeChat, QQ, and other social software)
  • Remote control taking photos (by rotating the wrist and Touch screen of the bracelet)
  • Countdown, Stopwatch function
  • Function switch(Common switch: Heart rate, Blood pressure monitoring)
  • Call reminder,mute,rejection
  • RTC(12/24 hours)
  • Upgrade; Music remote control.
  • Wechat WeRun
  • Lighted-up screen duration and brightness adjustment


Model GT2
Screen Size 1.54 Inches
Product weight 1.94oz(55g)
Waterproof level IP68
Battery capacity 220mAh
Battery life 5-7 days
Charging time About 2 hours
Charging method Magnetic charging stand
Packing List Watch body (including standard strap) / Charging base / Instruction manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 383 reviews
Nelson Almeida

Not accurate. The O2 is way off. Total junk.

Vladimir Beograd
It stopped working less than 3 weeks after I got it out of tbe box awe

it worked OK for .ess than 3 weeks and then it died. dead as a doornail. wasn't dropped, wasn't abused. it didn't hold a charge very we.l, needed to be charged every day but then it just quit. A nice idea but it's like one of thoseJapanese toys in the 1950's, worked O! out of the box but you knew it wouldn't last, and it didn't, this is junk. don't buy it.

Mandadi Harish
Worst experience

I have ordered GT2 and received GT5 how can I share experience utterly disappointed

Biometric reading stopped after a week

It was working when I received it, and I wore it a few times and received results data. Then, not after only about a week, the lights on the back that read you heart rate, pulse, etc stopped lighting up. The clock still works and it does still count steps, but it no longer reads any biometric results. I don��t know if the GT5 is any better, but this failed in days. It was on the charger most of the time. I don��t know if that somehow damaged it? My Apple Watch is also on the charger most of the time, and still works after 4 years. I liked the price and functionality of this watch, and thought I can capture good information while I exercise, do yard work, etc, but never got the chance.

Ciaran Donnelly

Love this watch. Not medical grade accuracy, but if you calibrate it to a medical grade blood pressure monitor it gives you pretty accurate results. Screen got scratched after a couple of days. Only downside would be great if a replacement screen cover could be sourced.

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