Warranty & Refund


The FITVII store warranty policy covers only products, as defined herein, purchased through our official online store. To ensure that your FITVII product is authentic and protected by our warranty, please purchase from our official online store.

We regard product quality as important as our lives. Each of our models undergoes rigorous life testing before mass production, and each product undergoes strict quality testing before it goes on the market.

As a smartwatch is an integrated electronic product consisting of thousands of components, each core component needs to be driven by different software, so some hardware or software problems may inevitably occur.

We are very concerned about each user's experience of using FITVII products, and we promise to provide FITVII users with 180 days quality of warranty service from the date of delivery. For other warranty rules, please refer to the terms below.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase on FITVII website for problem reason, you can contact us to get a return and refund of the product cost within 30 days of receiving it.

Once the returned item arrives back in our warehouse for inspection, the refund process will begin.

The refund process also needs to provide a video, so I generally do not recommend refunds. We are now starting the refund process.
1. Please reset the watch, uninstall the APP, clear the Bluetooth data and product packaging, then provide video proof.
2. Provide the tracking number.
Once we pass the above 1 points, return the product according to the return label we gave. And provide the logistics order number (very important).
Once we receive the goods, we will arrange the refund, and the refund will be returned within 1-4 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: To prevent unauthorized returns, please complete point 1 of the return conditions above before we will issue a return label.

To qualify for a refund, all the following conditions must be met:

  • we only process returns if the product has not been used at all.
  • A Return Merchandise Authorization must be requested from our customer service team within thirty (30) days after receiving. Please contact support@fitvii.com.

  • Returned Product(s) must be in the same physical condition as at the time of purchase (not physically broken or damaged).

  • All accessory items and original packaging included with your purchase must be included with your returns.

  • For the orders that without any quality issues have expired the 30-day money-back guarantee, refund requests will be rejected.

  • For the orders that are not purchsed directly through our online stores, please contact retailers for refunds.

Additional terms and conditions:

  • Products ordered in November and December can be returned through January 31 of the following year (or 45 days – whichever is longer).
  • Shipping and handling charges, gift wrap fees, and taxes paid (e.g., state, customs, VAT) are not refundable.
  • You are responsible for and must prepay all shipping charges and you shall assume all risk of loss or damage to the Product while in transit to FITVII.
  • If you return a Product to FITVII without all parts (including but not limited to the Product and any documentation related thereto) included in the original package, FITVII retains the right to either refuse delivery of such return or charge you a restocking fee of 15% of the original price of the Product or the retail value of the missing accessories, whichever is higher.
  • Refunds will be processed and paid within 4 weeks of FITVII’s receipt of the Product.

180 Days Repair Warranty

Unless there is another note about the warranty on the product page, the default product warranty period is 180 days starting from the date you receive the goods, during which you are eligible for free repair. Any free repair needs to be confirmed with the manufacturer via Customer Service. Customers must pay the shipping fees for returning the item accordingly, while we will cover the shipping fees to send the repaired item back to the customer. If the item(s) was damaged/misused by the customer, it will not be eligible for free repair.


Not Covered Under Warranty

● Products without sufficient proof of purchase
● Lost or stolen products after receiving
● Items that have expired their warranty period
● Non-quality-related issues (after 30 days of purchase)
● Free products
● Repairs through 3rd parties
● Damage from outside sources
● Damage from misuse of products (including, but not limited to: falls, extreme temperatures, water, operating devices improperly)
● Purchases from unauthorized resellers

    DOA (Items Defective on Arrival)

    Customers should contact our customer support within 2 days upon receipt of goods for DOA situation.

    -The product is broken or out of shape
    1. Email us with pictures attached of the received items/package and detailed information to describe the issue
    2. After verifying all the required information, we will either provide a replacement or a full refund, depending upon your requirement.

    -The product is not working
    1. Email us with pictures attached of the received items/package/Shooting operation video and detailed information to describe the issue.
    2. After verifying all the required information, we will either provide a replacement or a full refund, depending upon your requirement.Items Missing on Arrival

    -Items Missing
    1. Email us with pictures attached of the received items/package and detailed information to describe the issue.
    2. After verifying all the required information, we will send you the missing item of the package.

    FAQS About GT5

    Why do we recommend buying Fitvii GT5?

    There are always good products out there, but finding them is hard.

    We followed doctors' advice, designed Fitvii GT5, and achieved a technological breakthrough. So we are very confident in Fitvii GT5, but due to the suppression of large companies, it is difficult to expose it. If you see us, buy it, it will good for you.

    Why GT5 watches are in short supply?

    Materials and tight supply of Fitvii GT5 (GT2 has been discontinued), once sold out, supply will not be available for another two months. It won't be available for two months and prices may rise again. We may transfer goods from other warehouses, and the price may increase again. We may transfer goods from other warehouses.

    Why we make the GT5 blood pressure watch?

    Anyone over the age of 30 will face blood pressure problems.

    We hope to develop a watch with thehighest cost performance that can be affordable by all people. FITVII GT5 breaks technical boundaries and iscost-effective. This Smartwatch Does  is only a quarter of 95% for a Quarter of the Price of the Big Brands.

    How many languages does the watch support?

    🌐13 languages (English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, Português, svenska, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, 日本語, 한국인, etc.)

    Upgrade GT5 Pro Powerful Smart Watch

    New blood glucose, blood pressure, and ECG watch, data accuracy increased by 30%!