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2024 Best Fitvii ECG Smartwatch With Blood Pressure Monitor+Blood Glucose Monitoring

2024 Best Powerful Multifunctional Health SmartWatch.

The ultimate health companion that can track your blood sugar, blood pressure, EKG, body temperature, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, breathing exercises and even a stress level monitor? Look no further, Fitvii has just launched its most powerful health smartwatch ever, with all the above features and more!

 Reasons you’ll love Fitvii Ugarde Powerful Health Smartwatch

Advanced Health Tracker, Know Your Health Better

  • Add My Family: View health reports and workout dates for family members
  • Blood Glucose Testing: Non-invasive, easy to check blood sugar levels
  • ECG with Heart Rate Monitoring: 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Blood Pressure Monitor: Automatically records real-time data 24/7.
  • Body temperature monitoring: preventing infectious diseases.
  • Stress Monitor: Better understand your stress and health.
  • Blood Oxygen Monitor: Keep everything under control and avoid excessive exercise
  • Sleep monitoring: Score and analyze sleep quality and give professional suggestions.
  • Breathing training: improve lung function and prevent respiratory diseases..

And it supports 13 languages (English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, Português, svenska, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, 日本語, 한국인, etc.)

Purchasing Fitvii's new powerful smartwatch

What sets it apart?

The latest wearable tech designs, metal housing and 10 days battery life, we have all the features you need and it's safe to say we're more than well-being to have Fitvii powerful health watch.

Okay, now please be patient. For the first time, American engineers have integrated industry-leading EKG, blood sugar, body temperature, real-time heart rate and blood pressure monitoring technology, sleep quality tracking technology, calorie and step tracking technology, as well as lightweight, durable aviation-grade carbon fiber materials and the highest quality metal into one watch.

What does it mean? Well, in layman's terms, despite its simplicity, it's very advanced. Fitvii’s new smartwatch is set to revolutionize the way we monitor our health. With advanced sensors and cutting-edge technology, this smartwatch provides comprehensive and accurate analysis of your health data.

Each member tried the device for a while with different goals. Some people want to keep tabs on their blood pressure and blood sugar levels, some are concerned about their heart problems, and some want to track their steps. Without exception, Fitvii Powerful Health Smartwatch meets their needs.

Although this smart watch cannot guarantee 100% accurate health data, it is indeed the top smart watch in the industry that integrates all body indicator monitoring. It is a powerful watch that integrates and innovates the technology of Fitvii GT5 and GT2.
Imagine having a personal health assistant on your wrist that is available 24/7. With Fitvii's health smartwatch, you can easily monitor your EKG to ensure a healthy heart rhythm. Worried about your blood sugar levels? This smartwatch has you covered. It measures your blood sugar in real time, giving you valuable insights into your overall health.

Monitoring blood pressure has never been easier. Fitvii's smartwatches use state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate readings, allowing you to take control of your cardiovascular health. Additionally, a built-in body temperature sensor tracks fluctuations in your body temperature, allowing you to detect any potential health issues.

But that's not all - Fitvii's smartwatch goes above and beyond. With its blood oxygen monitoring feature, you can always know your oxygen saturation levels, especially during strenuous workouts or high-altitude activities. Of course, it wouldn't be a smartwatch if it didn't track your heart rate. Fitvii's smartwatch continuously monitors your heart rate to ensure you're exercising within your target zone for optimal results.

Fitvii’s new smartwatch is more than just a device; It is a game changer in health monitoring. This smartwatch blends seamlessly into your daily life with its stylish design and user-friendly interface. Stay connected, receive notifications and enjoy the convenience of personalized health insights at your fingertips.

Don't miss the opportunity to take your health to the next level. Get Fitvii’s most powerful health smartwatch ever and experience the future of health monitoring. Order now and embrace a healthier, smarter lifestyle.

Remember, your health is your greatest wealth, and with the Fitvii smartwatch, you can prioritize it like never before.
FitVII will reply to customers within 24 hours. If customers encounter any problems using our watches, they can contact us at any time. We've always been here.

There are also 20 sport modes(Running, walking, cycling, breathing training, HIIT, plank, rope skipping, yoga, mountain climbing, hiking, spinning, rowing machine, stepper, elliptical machine, basketball, tennis, badminton, football, baseball, rug by ), no matter what kind of exercise you do, you can easily calculate the calories and distance you burn.
The most unexpected flashlight function of fitvii brings great convenience to people with pets at home. Even in dim light, we can easily pick up pet toys.

 What's more

It has the most comprehensive health sleep monitoring system, You can check if your sleep quality has improved after breathing training with it. Truly understand your sleep habits for well-being. The nap can also be easily monitored all day, Monitor your sleep status and sleep pattern silently and automatically. It is capable of light sleep monitoring, deep sleep real-time monitoring, and saves 7 days of sleep records.

If you have difficulty sleeping, the Fitvii Powerful Health Smartwatch adds a breathing training function to help you fall asleep. With guided breathing exercises that take just a few seconds, you can reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance overall health. If you're curious about your stress levels, this smartwatch features a stress test feature that measures your body's response to stressors, allowing you to better manage and relieve stress.

Take Action and Incorporate under Benefits Into Your Body!

  1. Decompression, anti-anxiety and help sleeping.
  2. Improve memory and decision-making skills.
  3. Helps relieve chronic pain.
  4. Improves Heart and lungs Health, Improves Sleep Quality.
Conclusion: Should you get the FitVII's Most Powerful Smartwatch?
Do you want a healthier and more efficient lifestyle?

Then YES! 100%. 

Purchasing Fitvii's new powerful smartwatch

Now the advantages and disadvantages of this product are discussed below:

This is the only health watch currently on the market that integrates all health function indicator tests.
It is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Fitvii powerful smartwatch displays readings on the screen and stores the data in an app that you can access anytime, anywhere.


  • Accurate readings
  • Easy to use
  • Complete health monitoring functions
  • Long Battery Life
  • Answer
  • IP68 Waterproof


  • Missing weather forecast
  • Sometimes readings may take longer than usual

Buying Guide:

Before buying Fitvii powerful health smartwatch, make sure that you consider the following factors:

  • Budget
  • Purpose of buying
  • Compatibility with your device
  • Features that you need
  • Brand reputation
  • Customer support


In conclusion, Fitvii powerful health smartwatch is an excellent gift for your loved ones that offers numerous features and benefits. Its continuous blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar, EKG with heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen levels , breathing exercises and even a stress level monitor, long battery life, customizable watch face, waterproofing, and 20 different sports modes make it stand out from other smartwatches available in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Fitvii powerful health smartwatch now and start living a healthy and active life.

Currently, the website has a 70% OFF promotion, and the price is only $129.9. It is the most cost-effective blood pressure watch in the industry, so you can buy it with confidence.

Purchasing Fitvii's new powerful smartwatch

Customer Reviews

Based on 2714 reviews
Pawan Kumar
Till date i.e 24 February 2024, did not receive smart watch

I order smart watch on 04 January 2024. Till date i.e 24 February 2024, i did not receive smart watch.

Dear customer,
Thank you for your message. Due to the large number of orders, your logistics may be delayed, please be patient.

Mahbub Hossain

I purchased the New Fitvii Powerful Smartwatch, ECG with Heart Rate Blood...., I received two weeks back, and I have seen it working for two days. I was super excited, I liked the watch and app. It was easy to use and worked well. I found blood pressure reading was always 10~15mmhg more than my BP reader, even compared to my other watch reading. I was trying to contact support by email, no response. Then after a few days without any use, I found 2 new screens, I could not change.
It was in a loop, reboot from the watch, from the phone didn't make any difference. Now no display only the back green sensor is blinking. I sent numerous emails to all of the mail [****]; [****]; [****].
I have not received any single response, even no acknowledgment. I tried to call [****], but even after 2 rings the call gets disconnected all the time. I also sent txt in Messenger.
Now it is a useless gem to me.
I want a fix or return of this watch.

Dear customer,
Thank you very much for your contact. Sorry for not replying in time due to the holiday. Regarding your question, I have informed the customer to contact you within the next two days, please wait patiently.

Lawrence Smith

I like the watch, I like everything it can do, blood pressure, O2 level, heart rate, ECG, Glucose etc. I use all the functions except for sleep. I kept hitting myself in the head when I toss and turn, plus my bed does the same thing. So i use the bed for the sleep function and save myself a bruised face.

David Courtney
All the above

Everything you mentioned above works really well it is consistent with what my Dr shows. But the walking steps are not consistent with the heart app.

Fantastic smart BP monitor

So I spent some time looking for BP monitors because of some health changes. Generally it comes down to a few monitors that are FDA approved and have high accuracy ratings, with the big differentiator being the smart features/reporting. many will recommend and there are some good feature differences if you are willing to spend up into the $130 price point.
Overall I'd highly recommend the FitVII products for consideration if you want a high-quality/simple experience to manage your overall health monitoring. I've been nothing but ecstatic with the results so far. Would recommend to anyone to consider this BP monitor for its accuracy, software integrations and high quality materials

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What is the cost and charge to ship to Australia

David Costabile

It looks ok how much and where are the watches posted from


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