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Ðoɖoɖo: FITI™GT5 IP68 Waterproof SmartWatch kple 7/24 Blood Pressure Hearte Rate Monitor-68% OFF

Ðoɖoɖo: FITI™GT5 IP68 Waterproof SmartWatch kple 7/24 Blood Pressure Hearte Rate Monitor-68% OFF

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Nukatae Fitvii GT5 ɖokuie?
FITVII GT5 ɖaa ɖokuiɖiwo ɖokuiwo ɖa Ðo me .. Nyateƒea 95% Be a Ƒe Sia Ŋu Ƒe Gã. Anyigbe le Asia Ðo 500 gɔ Amewo, Woadzra me 3 Ŋkekeawo.

Le ŋkuia me Ƒe siwo kple nɔnɔme ɖa Fitvii GT5 (GGT2) la, ne woaƒo ɖa la, woagblẽ nɔnɔme bubu me Ɣleti eve , Eye ate ŋu edzi ɖe edzi.

Nukatae míeɖoa aɖaŋu be yeaƒle Fitvii GT5? Mele ɣesiaɣi me Nɔnɔme nyui Afima le afia, gake wo dzɔe Sesa ..

Nukatae míewɔ nɔnɔme sia?

Míesrɔe Ðɔktawo ƒe aɖaŋuŋu , Dzɔ Fitvii GT5, eye tsɔe Nɔnɔmeɖokuiwo ƒe nɔnɔme.
Fitvii gt5 smartwatch

Eyata míekpe ɖe Fitvii GT5 ŋutɔŋutɔ ŋutɔ, gake le susu gãwo ƒe mɔnukpɔɖeŋu me la, esia sesẽ be míakpɔe.

Ne èkpɔ mí la, dzrae Akpɔa nyui na mi. Eye míeɖea Fitvii GT5 ɖaŋu o, gake ʋu ʋuwo ƒe ŋlɔdɔwo ƒe ŋlɔdɔa me Ɖaŋui Etɔbɔme gãwo, eye me Nusiwo ɖa , Míekpɔ eŋu Ƒe si nɔnɔme nyuie ..

Nukatae míeɖoa aɖaŋu be yeaƒle Fitvii GT5? Abe ale si woɖe le teƒe me


1* GT5 Ne èkpɔ mí la, dzrae Akpɔa nyui na mi. Fitvii GT5 24/7 Blood teƒe MonitorŊutilã ƒe nɔnɔme me

ŊgɔɖiɖiƑe ʋu

Gbegbɔgblɔ 13 (Englizɔ, Spanish, German, Italian, Franse, Portugues, Swedia, Turkish China, China, Japan, Korea, akl.) GT5 le ɖaŋuɖu nɔnɔme nɔnɔme, si nɔa dziɖuɖu le milisekcond 100 ɖesiaɖe me, eye nɔa nyateƒea ɖo MOREPRO APP la ŋutɔ.

Aɖaŋu ÐoBluetooth Didi telefonioIP67-IP68 Ƒe Ða

24/7 Blood pressure MonitorŊutilã ƒe nɔnɔme me ‍♂? ! To mɔ, mɔ, ƒoƒo, ƒuƒoƒoƒo, ƒuƒoƒo, ƒuƒoƒo, ƒuƒoƒoƒo, basketball, tenis, badminton, baseball, rugby) Amewo nɔa alɔ̃ ɣeyiɣi si nɔa nɔnɔme, kekeli, kple alɔ̃ ɣeyiɣi gɔme, eye nɔ mɔ ʋu gɔme le zã me.

Alɔ̃dɔ⛹ Ƒe ƒãɖeɖewo ƒe dɔwɔwɔwo ɖa

Aɖaŋu ÐoBluetooth Didi telefonioIP67-IP68 Ƒe Ða ✨DIY ɖa ⏰Ŋɔlɔ⏰Ƒe Ŋgɔ⏰Stopwatch Alɔ̃dɔ⛹ Ƒe ƒãɖeɖewo ƒe dɔwɔwɔwo ɖa Srɔ̃ le lãmesẽnɔnɔme me eye nàwɔ ɖi le lãmesẽ me.

Fitvii gt5 smartwatch

Ƒe Apple kple Android smartphonewo katã⚡Ŋkuɖodziɖuɖu

Ŋusẽwɔwɔ meÐoɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖi Haƒãwo ɖa Mègaɖɔ meWodededea

Ðo aɖaŋu ɖaa me etsɔ aɖa Ŋe

Ðo aɖaŋu ɖaa me etsɔ aɖa Ŋe Se wò alɔ̃dɔdɔ ƒe nɔnɔmewo gɔme vavã hena dzidzemekpɔkpɔ. FAQ Ete ŋu léa ŋku ɖe alɔ̃dɔdɔ bɔbɔe ŋu, léa ŋku ɖe alɔ̃dɔdɔ deto ŋu le ɣeyiɣi ŋutɔŋutɔ me, eye wòɖea ŋkeke 7 ƒe alɔ̃dɔdɔ ŋuti nuŋlɔɖiwo dzi kpɔtɔna.

Ðe Fitvii dɔwɔwɔ kple Iphone?

A1.Fitvii Smartwatch

Ðo ɖe eŋu kple iPhone iOS kple Android me
Ðe Fitvii GT5 le nufiaɖaŋuɖu si le Fitvii GT5? Kpɔ nyateƒe ku ɖe mɔkpɔkpɔ, afɔɖeŋu kple calorio ŋu. Èɖo eŋu. Ewɔa ɖo ɖiwò.

A2. Ɛ̃, Fitvii GT5 le mɔfiaɖaŋuɖu si >> [0127322]

Ðo ɖe eŋu kple iPhone iOS kple Android me Ne èdoa la, koe wòhiã be nàtsɔ aɖaŋuɖu le aɖaŋuɖoɖoa me o.

Ðe Fitvii GT5 le nufiaɖaŋuɖu si le Fitvii GT5?

A2. Ɛ̃, Fitvii GT5 le mɔfiaɖaŋuɖu si >>

Eye ŋku alafa geɖe li le APP la ŋutiatiatia me. Àte ŋu ate ŋu akpɔ aɖaŋu vovovowo le APP la ƒe mɔnuwo kple nyuiwo me.

  • 1*GT5 Smartwatch
  • 1*GT5 Charger

  • Taflatse ɖo ɖe mía ŋu ne èhiã kpekpeɖeŋu.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13631 reviews
Jozsef Sukosd

Upgrade: FITVII™ GT5 IP68 Smartwatch with Blood Pressure and Heart Rate monitor - 50% OFF


I've had several Apple watch a lot that did not do what it was suppose to do. This watch is a keeper very accurate keeps a good charge and the sleep setting works that was what i was looking for along with blood pressure and of course keeping track of my steps.

Good quality Watch with tons of features

I really like this product because it similar to an Apple Watch of course and always you to connect your phone with Bluetooth, tracks your fitness steps, and has a long lasting battery charge! Love this product would recommend to anyone who‘s looking for a Apple Watch dupe!

C. Guernsey
Worth the money!!

My father loves Ftvii GT5 watch, The battery life on the watch lasts almost a full week compared to the Apple Watch which I had to charge every night. Blood pressure and blood sugar are calibrated to be very accurate Highly recommended for this price.

Gerald L
Great Watch!

Excellent watch that monitors my blood pressure all day long. Also a lot of other nice fitness trackers and features.

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Why do we recommend buying Fitvii GT5?

There are always good products out there, but finding them is hard.

We followed doctors' advice, designed Fitvii GT5, and achieved a technological breakthrough. So we are very confident in Fitvii GT5, but due to the suppression of large companies, it is difficult to expose it. If you see us, buy it, it will good for you.

Why GT5 watches are in short supply?

Materials and tight supply of Fitvii GT5 (GT2 has been discontinued), once sold out, supply will not be available for another two months. It won't be available for two months and prices may rise again. We may transfer goods from other warehouses, and the price may increase again. We may transfer goods from other warehouses.

Why can Fitvii GT5 be purchased with confidence?

1. Tens of thousands of "verified" reviews from real users

2. Pay the price difference to upgrade to GT5 Pro. There is no need to return the Fitvii GT5. That means you get two watches for one price.
3. Refund service within 30 days and repair service within 180 days.

Why we make the GT5 blood pressure watch?

People over 30 years old face blood pressure problems. We wanted to develop a watch that was the most cost-effective and affordable for everyone. FITVII GT5 breaks technical boundaries and is highly cost-effective. The price of this smart watch is only a quarter of the price of big brand watches, and its performance is as high as 95%.

How many languages does the watch support?

🌐13 languages (English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, Português, svenska, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, 日本語, 한국인, etc.)

Which countries can you ship to?

We can ship to all countries except Russia, Belarus and Türkiye

30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

To ensure that you get the maximum satisfaction from our products, the Fitvii team makes sure to test each product for quality assurance. Thus, we are confident that we offer the best and most innovative products just for you. To top that off, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee when you can try our products and see if it's for you.

If you are having any issues with our products, please reach out to us anytime. We have a team that will work with you to make sure that you are happy with your purchase.

We understand that buying online can sometimes be risky but with us you won't have to worry as we offer a zero-risk experience which means that if you don't like your purchase, we will make it right!

For any inquiries, please feel free to leave us a message. We have a dedicated team working 24/7 with our customers and whatever issues they may be having. We usually investigate a situation first before responding to give you a better solution so please allow up to 24 hours to hear back from

New Upgrade Fitvii GT5Pro Powerful Smartwatch

Blood pressure, blood glucose,  and ECG/EKG watch, which data accuracy increased by 30%!