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Fitvii Ŋusẽ Yeye Smartwatch ECG Ƒe Xɔa Ƒe ʋu ƒe ʋu ƒe ʋudɔ ɖa o

Fitvii Ŋusẽ Yeye Smartwatch ECG Ƒe Xɔa Ƒe ʋu ƒe ʋu ƒe ʋudɔ ɖa o

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Susu siwo nàlɔ̃ Fitvii Ugarde lãmesẽ Ŋusẽ Smartwatch
Lãmesẽ Ŋgɔ, Nànya Lãmesẽ Nyui

  • Ʋu Glucose Dodokpɔ: Manɔ o, be yeagblẽ ʋu siwo kpɔ me
  • ECG ƒe dziɖuɖu ƒe ŋgɔ ŋgɔ: Ƒe dziɖuɖuɖu le gaƒoƒo 24 me
  • Aʋa Oxygen ɖa
  • Ðokuɖuɖua ʋu ƒe Nɔnɔme: Gblɔa ɣeyiɣi siwo ŋutɔŋutɔ ƒe nuti 24/7.
  • Ŋutilã ƒe nɔnɔme ƒe nɔnɔme: dɔléle siwo me o.
  • Nɔnɔme le ŋgɔdɔa ŋgɔ: Gɔmesese kple lãmesẽ me nyuie.
  • Alɔ̃dɔdɔ ƒe kpɔɖeŋu: Gblɔ̃ kple alɔ̃ ƒe nɔnɔme kple tsɔa aɖaŋuɖoɖowo me.
  • Hehehe ɖe eŋu: Ðo aɖaŋudɔwo gɔme le dɔlélewo me.
  • Kpɔ nye ƒomea ƒe ƒomeviwo kpɔ le lãmesẽwo me kple ƒometɔwo ƒe ƒomeviwo me.
Glucose ƒe ʋu meɖe o le ŋkeke katã le ŋkekea me.
Ne kpe ɖe nɔnɔme kple nuteƒenɔnuwo ƒe nɔnɔme siwo kpe ɖe ŋutɔ, ate ŋu ate ŋu aɖa ʋu si meɖe ʋu nɔ aɖaŋuƒo gaƒoƒo 24 o, gɔmea ʋu tɔtrɔ, nuɖuɖuɖu, nuɖuɖuɖu kple nɔnɔme bubuwo gɔme bɔbɔe le nuɖuɖuwo me o. eye ʋu ʋu wu wu wu nyuie.

24/7 ECG ɖa

Míehiã be woaɖaɖuɖu aɖaŋu o, woate ŋu akpɔ nɔnɔmewɔnuwo kple aɖaŋuɖodzinuwo zã, ECG ƒe gɔmeɖose la, zã aɖaɖi 30S le ECG ƒe nuɖuɖuɖu me kpɔ.

Ʋu ʋu ɖa ɖa ɖa ɖa.

Woɖo eŋu be yeadewò, Fitvii lãmesẽ ŋusẽ Smartwatch nye ʋu ɖaŋu nɔnɔme nyui aɖe si nɔnɔme nyuie, Ðo nɔnɔme nyui gɔme nyui siwo nɔnɔme nɔnɔme nyuie ɖaŋuɖoɖo me eye gɔmea gɔme ale si nèwɔwɔwɔwo ŋu kpɔ ɖe ŋuwò. Naa ʋu nɔ mɔ kple ʋu mɔkpɔkpɔ bɔbɔe wu kpɔ.
Aɖaŋu ɖaŋu ɖaŋu ƒoƒoƒo gaƒoƒo 24 tsɔtsɔa aɖaŋu aɖa
Ƒe aɖaŋua nɔnɔme si nɔa ŋku le aɖaŋuɖoɖowo ƒe tɔtrɔwo le aƒoƒoƒoa me. UNM kpɔ ɖe eŋu kpɔ aɖaŋu siwo nɔa ɖo tɔtrɔ siwo le ɣeyiɣi ɖesiaɖe me. Ðo ɖo ƒe ɖuɖuɖu me.

B Oxygen ɖa

Nuŋlɔ ŋku ɖe ŋku nèŋu be yeawɔ ʋu dzɔ ʋu ɖaŋu ʋu ɖi le tɔtrɔwo me tsɔtrɔ ɖe ŋuwò ƒe gɔdzedzedzea ŋu akpɔ. Nɔ ŋgɔ ŋgɔ ŋgɔ ŋgɔ ɖesiaɖewo katã, eye atikeŋutɔla geɖe la fia lãmesẽ ƒe nɔnɔme ƒãa ƒãa.
Ɣeyiɣi ŋutɔŋutɔ ƒe ŋkeke katã

Ƒe ŋgɔ nɔnɔme siwo nɔnɔ nɔnɔme ɖaŋu na ŋku nèŋu nèle be nàtrɔ aɖaŋu kple nɔnɔme ɣeyiɣia. Eye nɔnɔme nyuie ne wònye gã.

7/24 ŋutilã ƒe nɔnɔme ɖa

Aɖaŋu ÐoBluetooth Didi telefonioIP67-IP68 Ƒe Ða GT5 smartwatch la le infrared yeyea Ƒuɖuɖu , Ŋlɔe 1 , Eye nɔa ŋkeke katã ƒe nuɖuɖuɖu le APP la ŋu. Àte ŋu akpɔ lãmesẽ siwo le MOREPRO App la me. Srɔ̃ le lãmesẽnɔnɔme me eye nàwɔ ɖi le lãmesẽ me.


Ne nèwɔe Alɔ̃ me , Fitvii lãmesẽ ƒuƒoƒoƒo si hehehe kpe ɖe kpe ɖe ŋuwò. Le gosekigã ʋee ko la, ena nènye le mɔnuwo me bɔbɔe Ðo lãmesẽ me eye ɖɔ ɖɔ ɖa.

Lãmesɔ̃adɔdɔwɔwɔnu gɔme kekeake,

Ðo aɖaŋu ɖaa me etsɔ aɖa Ŋe Se wò alɔ̃dɔdɔ ƒe nɔnɔmewo gɔme vavã hena dzidzemekpɔkpɔ. Woate ŋu akpɔa alɔ̃ hã bɔbɔe le zã me, Nɔ alɔ̃ nɔnɔme kple alɔ̃ alɔ̃ mɔ̃ nɔnɔme nɔnɔme ɖa .. Ete ŋu léa ŋku ɖe alɔ̃dɔdɔ bɔbɔe ŋu, léa ŋku ɖe alɔ̃dɔdɔ deto ŋu le ɣeyiɣi ŋutɔŋutɔ me, eye wòɖea ŋkeke 7 ƒe alɔ̃dɔdɔ ŋuti nuŋlɔɖiwo dzi kpɔtɔna.
Ŋkuɖodzinuwo. Ŋutilãwò ɖe edzi na

Ŋkuɖodzinu nyui siwo nɔnɔ nɔnɔme siwo nusɔsrɔ̃ kple dɔwɔwɔ ɣeyiɣi didi. Ɣeyiɣi ɣeyiɣi ɣeyiɣi ɣeyiɣi ɣeyiɣi ɣeyiɣi.

Mudzro geɖewo, ɖokuiwò nɔnɔmehiãwo me

Àte ŋu atrɔ nɔnɔme gɔme siwo trɔ la, àte ŋu ate ŋu tia ɖo nɔnɔmeɖokuiwɔwɔ aɖe ko ɖe mia ŋutɔ ƒe nuhiahiãwo ŋu, eye ɖo ɖo ɖo ɖo ɣeyiɣi kple gɔmesese ŋutɔŋutɔ. Woate ŋu akpɔ ɣeyiɣi siwo ŋutɔŋutɔ ƒe nuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖu si me, eye woate ŋu akpɔ nuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖu nyui nyuie!
IP68 ƒe aɖaŋuɖoɖo ɖa

Ewɔa aʋua aɖuɖu aɖa, eye woate ŋu akpɔ aɖu le aɖaŋu alo aɖuɖuwo be woazã aɖaŋuƒoa ŋkekea me. Ðo ɖe eŋu nèle be wòaɖu le nɔnɔme vovovo.

Bateri sesẽe

Ŋusẽ ŋusẽ siwo, ŋusẽ ŋgɔ ŋgɔewɔwɔwɔ kple aɖaŋuɖoɖoa na ɣeyiɣi didi, Ŋkeke 7 o, ɖe mɔ ɖe eŋkeke 7 o.

Dɔwɔwɔ geɖe kpɔ me

Klɔ ŋlɔ kplɔe: Mele be yewoadzrɔ̃ nɔnɔme aɖeke o.

Nɔnɔmewo katã

  • Ʋu ƒe Ðokuɖuɖu
  • 7/24 ʋe ƒe mɔkpɔkpɔ ɖa
  • 7/24 ECG ŋgɔ
  • 7/24
  • Nuxaxakpɔɖeŋu
  • Ƒomea
  • Ŋɔŋlɔ ɖaŋuƒo gaƒoƒo 24 ƒuƒoƒo eye aɖo ŋkuɖoɖo ɣeyiɣi ɣeyiɣi ɣeyiɣi siwo woakpɔ)
  • Ʋu ƒe ʋu
  • HRV ƒe ɖaŋudɔ
  • Dɔwɔwɔwɔ ƒe aɖaŋuɖoɖo kple aɖaŋuɖoɖo (Pedometer, Calories, Miles)
  • Alɔ̃nu ƒe ŋgɔ me
  • Kpɔɖeŋu nɔnɔme; (tsɔ mɔnua, kple ɣeyiɣiɖi 3 be tsɔ dzɔ. Ne gɔme nyuie la, nɔa dziɖuɖuɖu le ɣeyiɣi siwo me, afɔɖeɖewo, kaloro kple egɔme va nugbewu.)
  • Aŋlɔƒoƒoƒo na aŋlɔ ŋkuɖoɖo (ame ŋku aɖeke, ŋkuɖodzinu ƒe nudzɔdzɔ 20 siwo)
  • Kple SMS ƒe nɔnɔme nɔnɔme; (enye Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Email, WeChat, QQ, Kple dzɔdzɔme bubuwo)
  • Ðo le afɔnɔnɔwo ɖa (tsɔtrɔ̃ aɖuɖu kple aɖuɖuɖu la ɖi)
  • Countdow, Stopwatch me
  • Dɔwɔwɔɖuɖuɖu (Tɔtrɔ̃a: Dziɖuɖu, ʋu ƒe mɔkpɔkpɔ)
  • Ŋkuɖodziɖuɖu
  • RTC(12/24 gaƒoƒo)
  • Ðoɖoɖo; Ðoƒoƒoƒoƒãwo.
  • Wodzɔ
  • Kpɔdrɔ̃ ƒe ɣeyiɣiwo kple ɖɔɖɔɖɔɖi

  • Míese xɔe nyateƒee be míekpɔa nɔnɔme nyui aɖewo le xexeamea me. eye míedi be míekpɔe be míekpɔ me Ŋkeke 180.
  • Eaɖeŋuɖoɖo si mía si: .. Taflatse ɖo ɖe mía ŋu ne èhiã kpekpeɖeŋu.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2714 reviews
Pawan Kumar
Till date i.e 24 February 2024, did not receive smart watch

I order smart watch on 04 January 2024. Till date i.e 24 February 2024, i did not receive smart watch.

Dear customer,
Thank you for your message. Due to the large number of orders, your logistics may be delayed, please be patient.

Mahbub Hossain

I purchased the New Fitvii Powerful Smartwatch, ECG with Heart Rate Blood...., I received two weeks back, and I have seen it working for two days. I was super excited, I liked the watch and app. It was easy to use and worked well. I found blood pressure reading was always 10~15mmhg more than my BP reader, even compared to my other watch reading. I was trying to contact support by email, no response. Then after a few days without any use, I found 2 new screens, I could not change.
It was in a loop, reboot from the watch, from the phone didn't make any difference. Now no display only the back green sensor is blinking. I sent numerous emails to all of the mail [****]; [****]; [****].
I have not received any single response, even no acknowledgment. I tried to call [****], but even after 2 rings the call gets disconnected all the time. I also sent txt in Messenger.
Now it is a useless gem to me.
I want a fix or return of this watch.

Dear customer,
Thank you very much for your contact. Sorry for not replying in time due to the holiday. Regarding your question, I have informed the customer to contact you within the next two days, please wait patiently.

Lawrence Smith

I like the watch, I like everything it can do, blood pressure, O2 level, heart rate, ECG, Glucose etc. I use all the functions except for sleep. I kept hitting myself in the head when I toss and turn, plus my bed does the same thing. So i use the bed for the sleep function and save myself a bruised face.

David Courtney
All the above

Everything you mentioned above works really well it is consistent with what my Dr shows. But the walking steps are not consistent with the heart app.

Fantastic smart BP monitor

So I spent some time looking for BP monitors because of some health changes. Generally it comes down to a few monitors that are FDA approved and have high accuracy ratings, with the big differentiator being the smart features/reporting. many will recommend and there are some good feature differences if you are willing to spend up into the $130 price point.
Overall I'd highly recommend the FitVII products for consideration if you want a high-quality/simple experience to manage your overall health monitoring. I've been nothing but ecstatic with the results so far. Would recommend to anyone to consider this BP monitor for its accuracy, software integrations and high quality materials

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