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FitVII GT5 Smartwatch with HR+BP+SPO2+TEMP monitoring

FitVII GT5 Smartwatch with HR+BP+SPO2+TEMP monitoring

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Ame 1 le 3 Ƒe 30 kple edzi le ƒuƒoƒo

Ame geɖe ƒe Favorite-Fitvii GT5

Ƒe ʋuwo ƒe ʋuwo ƒe ʋudɔwɔwɔwo ƒe nuɖuɖu siwo gblɔ le taa me.

Taflatse ŋlɔe

  • Enye FitVII ƒe GT ɖaŋudzro kekeake ɖa ɖa, GT5 koe woadzra le Fitvii kple More-pro ƒe afɔ̃ɖiɖiɖi .. (Nu Subɔsubɔsubɔ.

Fitvii. GT5 le ɖaŋuɖu nɔnɔme nɔnɔme, si nɔa dziɖuɖu le milisekcond 100 ɖesiaɖe me, eye nɔa nyateƒea ɖo MOREPRO APP la ŋutɔ.

Ʋu ʋu ʋu ɖaŋu ɖaŋu kple nuɖuɖuɖuɖu ɖa ɖe MOREPRO APP minitɔ atɔ̃ ɖesiaɖe.
Nuŋlɔɖi siwo ŋgɔ, la ate ŋu ate ŋu akpɔ ʋu mɔ si le eƒe zɔhɛ siwo ŋlɔa ŋlɔa ŋlɔa mɔa aɖa app), si kpe ɖe ŋuwò ɖe ŋutilã ŋutɔ trɔ nyuie. ÐE ÐE mate ŋu azã nya siwo o.

Aleke wòanɔ ʋu ƒe mɔkpɔkpɔ ɖi?

1. APP--click de la "MorePro" ʋu aɖaŋu aɖa aɖa aɖa--find "Switch Setting"
2. Zi "Trɔ Ðoɖo" dzi--Ʋu "Ʋu ƒe Nyaƒoɖeamenu Dodokpɔ" be nàkpɔ ʋu ƒe sisi dzi kpɔkpɔ ƒe mɔnu le smartwatch la dzi.
3. Tɔtrɔ ʋua ƒe nɔnɔme gbãtɔ eye tsɔ aɖaŋu ɖaŋu ʋua me ɖo.

BLOOD OXYGEN SATURARATO MONITOR: Àte ŋu ate ŋu akpɔ ʋu aɖaŋu nɔ mɔ aɖa, eye gɔme le GT5 me. Woɖo aɖaŋu ƒuƒoƒo siwo gbɔna be be woɖo ʋu ʋu siwo le ʋuwo me: susu dɔwɔwɔwo, tsitsiwo, Ƒomeviwo ƒe ƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒo.

Ŋutilã ƒe nɔnɔme ɖaŋuƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒo GT5 smartwatch la si xɔ infrared ƒuƒoƒo ɖuɖu yeyee, nɔa nyati 1 ɖe sia me, eye nɔa ŋkeke katã ƒe nuɖuɖuɖu le APP la me. Àte ŋu akpɔ lãmesẽ siwo le MOREPRO App la me. Srɔ̃ le lãmesẽnɔnɔme me eye nàwɔ ɖi le lãmesẽ me.

ƑE ƑE SIWO ƑE SIWO: Dɔwɔwɔnu ɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖuɖu 20 si me towo, zɔzɔzɔzɔ, Ƒu, volleyball, basketball, ŋlɔ, tsã, tsã, aɖaŋu, yoga, ɣe, Ɣeaɖewo, tenis, hehe, mɔ, baseball.

MorePro GT5 smartwatch zãa mɔnuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖu tsɔtsɔ ɖa ɖaa ɖaŋua tsɔtsã me gɔme. Ne èdoa la, koe wòhiã be nàtsɔ aɖaŋuɖu le aɖaŋuɖoɖoa me o. (wireless charger is included in the product)

GT5 smartwatch la xɔ ƒuƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒoƒo eye ŋku 9 le APP la ŋuti nàtia. Àte ŋu ate ŋu akpɔ aɖaŋu vovovowo le APP la ƒe mɔnuwo kple nyuiwo me. Eye nàte ŋu adzɔ kpɔɖeŋu aɖe, tiae afɔɖeɖe siwo siwo nèa, abe ƒomea ƒe nɔnɔmewo, kple xɔlɔ̃wo, alo amewo.

Aleke wòanɔ ɖokuiwò ŋu?

Taflatse dia to "MorePro" App --> Nɔnɔme -> Ŋkule Ŋɔŋlɔ nɔnɔme -> Tia le fototrɔ̃ aɖaɖaŋu tsɔa.

MorePro GT5 smartwattch la le IP68 ƒe mɔwɔwɔ me eye woate ŋu azã le ŋkekekawo, Ame ɖa, aklɔ.

Woɖo ɖi: zã aɖaŋu, ɖa, kple nudzɔdzɔ bubuwo.

Ne GT5 aɖa le APP la, woate ŋu akpɔ nɔnɔme siwo nɔnɔme siwo nɔnɔme siwo nɔnɔme nɔnɔme siwo nɔnɔme nɔnɔme siwo me o. Ŋgɔme siwo ŋgɔ, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Line, SKype, Gmail, Ɣemaɣi o.

Lãmesẽ sia kpɔa nɔnɔme, 180 mAh lithium polymer battery, gɔme 2hdɛ koe, Ƒe ŋkeke 7 kple ɣeyiɣiwo ate ŋu akpɔ ŋkeke 20 geɖe.

Nɔnɔmewo katã

  • Ðaseɖiɖaŋuɖu
  • Ʋe ƒe mɔkpɔkpɔ ɖa
  • Ŋutilã ƒe nɔnɔme ɖa
  • Ʋu ƒe mɔkpɔkpɔ ɖa
  • Ƒe dzɔdzɔmenu 20 me ( Aʋa, zɔzɔ, aɖaŋu, hehehe, HIIT, aɖaŋu, ŋlɔ, yoga, tɔgba, Mɔzɔ, ƒoƒo, ƒuƒoƒoƒo, ƒuƒoƒo, ƒuƒoƒo, ƒoƒoƒo, ƒuƒoƒo, ƒuƒoƒoƒo, ƒuƒoƒoƒo, ƒuƒoƒoƒo, ƒoƒoƒo, ƒoƒoƒo,
  • Alɔ̃ ŋku nyateƒe
  • Ƒe ƒãɖeɖewo ƒe dɔwɔwɔwo ɖa
  • DIY
  • Ŋɔlɔ
  • Ƒe Ŋgɔ
  • Stopwatch
  • Ŋkuɖodziɖuɖu
  • Ŋusẽwɔwɔ me
  • Ðoɖɔɖɔɖɔɖɔɖi
  • Haƒãwo ɖa
  • Mègaɖɔ me
  • Wodededea
  • Didi telefonio
  • Ŋe


  • 1*GT5 Smartwatch
  • 1*GT5 Charger
  • 1* GT5
  • Míese xɔe nyateƒee be míekpɔa nɔnɔme nyui aɖewo le xexeamea me. eye míedi be míekpɔe be míekpɔ me Ŋkeke 180.
  • Eaɖeŋuɖoɖo si mía si: .. Taflatse ɖo ɖe mía ŋu ne èhiã kpekpeɖeŋu.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4005 reviews
Joseph Melfi
BP readings helpful!

Overall data is pretty accurate. Not sure if any watch will accurately gauge your blood pressure, but I have to say this one is pretty close. The main reason I chose this watch was because of the blood pressure accuracy. I took off one star though, because the sleep tracking can definitely use some improvement.

Ed Devine
Smart Purchase

This watch is perfect for those who do not wish to pay hundreds of dollars for other more advertised smartwatches. The watch has many features and uses which are pretty decent for the price. I also love the magnetic charging cable. The look of the watch is attractive and not overwhelming on the wrist. Not sure how the health readings compare to the more expensive devices, but at this price point you will probably have to allow for less pinpoint accuracy. The company warns you not to wear the rubberized band too tight as it will irritate your skin. You will need to keep band a bit loose to allow your skin to breathe. Once established on trial and error, you should have no issues.

Ibrahima Drame
Great product

Great product and the blood pressure monitor is surprisingly accurate for this price. The build quality is simply amazing and the device packs so many functionalities . My initial comments were mistaken. Now that I took time to familiarise myself with the software, I realize how great this product is. So, I came to back to post this one. Please accept my sincere apologies for this.

High Quality Smart Watch at an Affordable Price

The quality of the watch is excellent. All functions are properly working. However, the BP function is showing higher readings than actual. With calibration through the mobile App, lower BP data is shown on the mobile App but not shown on the watch itself. I think that the BP function needs improvement and hopefully it could be achieved with future firmware updates.

Eugene Loh

I have try a few brands, this watch give me the best reading.

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