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FITVII HM57 Smart Watch Manual

How to set up your smart watch

1. Charge your watch: When using the watch for the first time, it's essential to charge it for about 2 hours to ensure a full charge.

2. Enable Bluetooth: Keep the Bluetooth connection device of the mobile phone turned on.

3. Download the FitCloudPro App: Please search for the “FitCloudPro” APP in the APP Store/ Google Play to download. Or click the link below:

4. After installing, please register and log in according to the interface prompts.

5. Connect your watch: Tap Device---click “+Bind Device” ---find your device to connect.

Note: This product is not an ECG or a professional medical device, and none of the above functions can be used as a reference for any medical data.

How to charge the smartwatch?
(Power adapter not included)
Plug the USB cable into the power adapter
Plug the power adapter into a power outlet Place the charger on the magnetic charging point of your watch.
The screen will show the charging progress When the watch is charged.
Remove the charger when the battery is fully charged.

How to turn on/off the smart watch?

Power on
Long press the button above for a few seconds to turn on the watch
Power off
Long press the button above for a few seconds to select close, restart, or cancel

How to use the touch screen?
Power Button
Short press the button to brighten the screen Press the button again:
1. enter the main menu. 2. return to the main interface.
Touch Screen
The screen shows the timing.
Swipe right to the Main menu.
Swipe left to Main functions.
Swipe up to view Message Notifications.
Swipe down to access the Quick Settings.

Allow notifications: 

Go to the FitCloudPro app---Device---Push Notifications---Turn on the switch of the app you need to receive notifications. Please don’t forget to allow the notification permission of the phone.

After connection, the App will pop up "Allow watch to receive notifications from your phone", please click " Allow". If not, the watch will not receive message notifications.

How to disconnect the Bluetooth?
You can open your phone's Bluetooth settings, select your watch's Bluetooth name, and click "Ignore this device".

How to use smart watch functions?

Audio Settings
1. Swipe down on the watch screen to enter the control interface.
2. Tap the call icon to open call audio and media audio settings. Enabling call audio allows you to make calls and use the voice assistant function through the watch, but the watch must remain connected to the phone.
Enabling media audio allows the watch to sync all audio from your phone, such as music and ringtones.
Note: If you want to use the Find My Phone feature, please turn off Media audio. This will allow the phone to play a notification sound.

Sport Mode
Press the button on the lower right side of the watch to quickly enter the sports mode selection interface.

You can add one sport modes from FitCloudPro APP to the Watch: Go to the FitCloudPro APP --- Device --- Sports Push ---select the sports you want.

Heart Rate Monitor
Supports 24/7 heart rate tracking. 
To turn on FitCloudPro APP -- Device--Automatic Health Monitoring--Switch on Supplement: The more health monitoring functions are enabled, the faster the power consumption will be. Please turn on the functions according to your own needs.

To measure your real time heart rate, go to the heart rate interface on the watch and wait for about half a minute for the measurement.

Note: Please make sure your watch is firmly attached to your wrist, and your arm is stationary during the measurement.

Blood Oxygen monitor
Support for viewing the highest and lowest blood oxygen of the day.
To measure your real time blood oxygen, enter the "Blood Oxygen" screen on the watch and wait for about one minute for the measurement results to appear.
Note: Please make sure your watch is firmly attached to your wrist and your arm is stationary during the measurement.

Blood Pressure monitor
Supports 24/7 Blood Pressure tracking. To turn on 24/7 Blood Pressure monitor feature: Go to FitCloudPro APP -- Device--Automatic Health Monitoring--Switch on 
Supplement: The more health monitoring functions are enabled, the faster the power consumption will be. Please turn on the functions according to your own needs.
To measure your real time Blood Pressure, go to the "Blood Pressure" interface on the watch and wait for about half a minute for the measurement.

Sleep Tracking
Support to view your recent sleep records and different stages of sleep status. To measure sleep data, wear the watch tightly when you fall asleep, and the device will recognize that you are in sleeping automatically.

Breath Training
This function can helps you to adjust the rhythm of your breathing. You can choose from 3 speeds (fast, Medium and Slow). Please enter the "Breathing Training" on your watch, select your time and speed, and click Start.

Female Function
This function has three modes, the menstrual function, the pregnancy preparation function, and the pregnancy function, you can record and project the time to help you better understand the different time periods.
Note: This feature can only be turned on when the FitCloudPro app account gender is female.

Watch Screen adjustment
Swipe down the watch screen to enter the control panel, and click the gear icon in the lower left corner to enter the settings interface. Find the "Screen Display" function. In this interface you can adjust the screen brightness and screen on duration.

Waterproof instructions
Waterproof Rating: IP67
The waterproof performance of this product is not permanently effective, may be weakened with the use of time.
Support in hand washing, rain and other short time use, but does not support hot water shower, diving, surfing.

The watch is not water resistant to seawater, acidic and alkaline solutions, chemical reagents, and other liquids with erosive power.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 798 reviews
Watch Faces

There are very watch faces on this watch and some faces do not show correct information.

Except for blood pressure, everything else is fine

I purchased the HM57 watch for its low price, but the blood pressure monitoring doesn't match the accuracy of the GT5pro. The GT5pro consistently provided accurate data, whereas the HM57's readings seem off all the times.

Ward Bechtelar

Good price ratio

Horace Bliner

Looks great!

Melinda Allen

Good price ratio

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