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Fitvii Yeyea™HM38 Lãmesẽ Ssuƒoƒo

Fitvii Yeyea™HM38 Lãmesẽ Ssuƒoƒo

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Menye bɔbɔe be míanɔ dzidzɔ na ame siame nɔnɔme le amewo me o, ne nàtia Fitvii HM38 o. Nyuigbeɖeamenyenye nye ame deblibo na agbe vovovovowo: Kristmas ƒe ŋkekea ɖi... ate fiana be miaƒe nɔnɔme nyuie eye miaƒe lɔlɔ̃awo ɖoe le ɖokuinye me.

HM38 Le lãmesẽ kple aɖaŋua ƒe nɔnɔme nɔnɔme, míeŋlɔ be míaŋlɔ ŋutilãwo ƒe dɔdzɔdzɔwo nɔnɔme o, Si nye 38% le ƒuƒoƒoƒoƒo siwo ƒuƒoƒoƒoƒo siwo to mɔ ʋu ƒe mɔkpɔkpɔ me.

Ðo mavɔ

Kpekpeɖeŋu kpekpeɖeŋu siwo siwo ƒe ŋudɔdɔa ɖaŋuɖoɖowo me la, míeɖea aɖaŋu siwo aɖa
Wowɔa nɔnɔme nɔnɔme si nɔnɔme nɔnɔme si nɔnɔme nyuie nɔnɔme si wòanye zɔhɔ̃ ƒe agbe.

Ɣaɖaŋu si nɔ tsã le tsɔtsɔ me o.


Ðo ŋkekewò me.

Ƒe aɖaŋu si le aɖaŋu me kple nɔnɔme si nɔnɔme ɖaŋu o.

Nɔnɔme siwo tsɔa nya vevi aɖe ŋuwò.

Ƒe nudzɔdzɔwɔwɔ kple dɔwɔwɔwɔ gã

Ɣeaɖewo, nɔnɔme gã, nɔnɔme sesẽ. Bluetooth telefone dɔwɔwɔwɔ, nɔnɔme nyuiwo, ɖaŋu nyuie. Amesiwo si nɔnɔme kple nɔnɔme geɖewo ŋutɔ.

Dɔwɔwɔ bubuvu

Ame kae nye ame nyui nawò?

WÒYƆ̃̃̃: Wotsɔ mɔ me
Ðo ŋusẽ kple nɔnɔme.

Nɔnɔmewo Katã

  • Bluetooth Ðoƒo
  • 24/7 Xɔsiwo ɖa
  • HR ɖokuiŋu
  • Ʋu ƒe mɔkpɔkpɔ ɖa
  • Alɔ̃
  • Ðokuɖuɖuɖu
  • Dodokpɔ
  • Hehea
  • Ɣeage
  • Ŋkuɖodziɖuɖu
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Woamedzro 20 Ŋu
  • Ƒe ŋkekea ƒe dɔwɔwɔwo ɖa (dodzro, ʋu, kple kaloro
  • Afɔ̃, mawustokpukpui & Kpɔɖeŋuɖuɖuɖu
  • Kamera
  • Tɔtrɔ
  • Ŋkuɖodziɖuɖu
  • Aɖaŋu & stopwatch
  • Ŋɔlɔ
  • Ðo aɖaŋu ɖaa me etsɔ aɖa
  • Mègabu me
  • Kpɔ Me
  • Dikple
  • Ŋusẽ Kpɔ
  • Empɔŋu & Ƒe Nyanyanyawo
  • Ðo aɖaŋu ɖaa me etsɔ aɖa

  • 1* HM38 Smartwatch
  • 1* HM38 Charger
  • 1*HM8
  • Míese xɔe nyateƒee be míekpɔa nɔnɔme nyui aɖewo le xexeamea me. eye míedi be míekpɔe be míekpɔ me Ŋkeke 180.
  • Eaɖeŋuɖoɖo si mía si: .. Taflatse ɖo ɖe mía ŋu ne èhiã kpekpeɖeŋu.

Customer Reviews

Based on 397 reviews
Ibrahima Drame
Great product

The artificial intelligence of the Fitvii Smartwatch has taken my training to a new level. She analyzes my sports activities and gives me personalized recommendations to improve my skills. Just awesome!

Jeffrey Singleton
Awesome so far

Been 15 days and I've only had to charge once after the initial one. I've double checked the BP and it's almost the same as my electronic BP machine and at the Dr. office too. I like having the instant ability to take my BP. I like the text and call notifications because I don't miss them anymore. It has a speaker or microphone for the price, it is awesome! I 100% recommend it!

Wood Woolery
Like blood pressure function

This is a good watch. It allows me to monitor my blood pressure(very accurate) while I'm away from home.

John Rennie
very long battery life

The watch feels very nice on, it has decently nice capability such as Alexa, Alipay for payments, ability to place and receive call/texts. The sleep tracking is there but only deep and light sleep but doesn't seem very accurate because it only said I woke up when I went to physically check my sleep, I was up for more then an hour prior to that. I do like all the apps to change the face of the watch as the basic ones do not work out well for me. It is fairly difficult to remove links unless you have the proper press tool, I was able to get it with a cell phone tool and a hammer for removing SIM cards. My biggest concern is the battery life, It lasts about 5 days so I don't have to carry around a charger.

michael biamomte
High quality!

I chose the Fitvii HM38 Smartwatch because I need ultimate robustness and durability. It fully meets my expectations - no matter what conditions I wear it under.

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