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V19pro EKG Ðo Ðo Ðo Ðo Ðo Ðo Ƒe Xɔsubɔdɔ

V19pro EKG Ðo Ðo Ðo Ðo Ðo Ðo Ƒe Xɔsubɔdɔ

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Taflatse ɖa be:

1.Fitvii la dzra Morepro V19Pro.Ne aɖuɖu subɔsubɔbiabia aɖe siwò la, taflatse oFitvii&Moreproآ

Ðeka sia ŋu:

Kpɔ ɖokuiwò le ECG ɖaŋu nyuieEye kpɔ atiV19pro ECG ƒe nɔnɔme siwo na nuxlẽ nɔnɔme nɔnɔme kple nuxexlẽ nɔnɔme.EvaGblɔ dziɖuɖu kpɔ o. Nɔnɔmea kpɔa nɔnɔme veviwo nɔnɔme nyuie wu dziɖuɖu bubuwo.

Ðo aɖaŋuɖu le gome 30,Àte ŋu akpɔ nusiwo le nusiwo me enumake. Ðo nɔnɔme nɔnɔme nɔnɔme nɔnɔme nɔnɔme. Ɣeyiɣi sia ɖesiaɖe kpɔ nɔnɔme nyuie.

Ʋe ƒe mɔkpɔkpɔ ɖa, Nuɖuɖuɖu na "H Band" APP de miniti atɔ̃ katã.

Aɖaɖaŋu siwo ate ŋu akpɔ mɔ ʋu mɔ siwo akpɔ mɔ aɖaŋu siwo ŋlɔ aɖaŋuɖoɖo siwo aɖaŋu siwo aɖaŋu mɔ le nuŋlɔŋlɔa me ɖo ɖi) akpe ɖe ŋutilã ƒe tɔtrɔwo ŋu gɔme ɖe edzi.Klɔ ɖa be woate ŋu azã nya sia o.

Sp-O2 oxygen ʋuwo ƒe nɔnɔme nɔnɔme.

Afɔɖeɖewo:Ðo kplɔa "Scientific Sleep" le H-band app.Ame vovovovowo, abe ame tsitsiwo, amegbetɔwo, amesiwo, nɔa amesiwo.

HD ƒuƒoƒoƒoƒo nɔnɔ kpɔɖeŋu nyui nyui.Ne tɔtrɔ gɔme la, ate ŋu axlẽ ɣeƒe gɔ̃ hã.

Aleke gɔmesese geɖewo gblɔ be ene ŋutilãmenuwɔnawo, dziɖuɖu, alɔ̃dɔdɔdɔwo ƒe tɔtrɔwo, dziɖuɖu ƒe ŋgɔme kple ɖaŋuɖoɖo, ʋu ʋu kpɔɖeŋu, Ðaŋlɔ aɖaŋu ɖaŋu na amesiwo be wòatrɔ woƒe alɔ̃dɔdɔdɔwo, woagblẽ alɔ̃nuwo ŋutɔ, tsrɔ afɔku o.

Aɖaŋuɖoɖo ƒe nɔnɔme le MorePro ƒe programa me nɔnɔme nyuie gɔme nyuie gɔme nyuie nɔnɔme nyuie. Tɔkpekpe kple PPG, ɖaɖaŋu ɖaŋu ɣeyiɣi siwo ŋutɔŋutɔ, dziɖuɖuɖu, QT tɔgbalẽ. Ƒe H-R tɔtrɔ siwo le ŋkeke katã eye ɖaŋuɖuɖuɖu ɖi ɣeyiɣi ɖesiaɖe me, afu sia ɖeka be yeawɔnu nèa. Ðo aɖaŋuɖoɖo ɖaŋuɖoɖo le subɔdɔa me, ɖaɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖuɖua me ne dɔvɔ̃a gɔme o.

Dzɔ alɔ̃ nɔnɔme siwo le lãmesẽ ŋutɔŋutɔ. Ðo v19 siwo ate ŋu akpɔ alɔ̃ ŋgɔ le zã me, eye tsɔa alɔ̃ ŋkekea le ŋkekea me, be amesiwo alɔ̃ dɔléle le ŋkekea hã ate ŋu akpɔ alɔ̃ hã.

Ena nɔ alɔ̃ nɔnɔme kple alɔ̃dɔdɔmɔnuwo nɔnɔme nɔnɔme.

Ðo ŋgɔ kple nuŋlɔɖiwo. Mègatɔxi ɖe edzi o.

Ne èle nènua ŋgɔ la, kplɔ aƒe GPS nɔa fon hã eye nàte ŋu akpɔ nɔnɔme kple ɣeyiɣi si me. Ðo kpɔ kpɔ aɖaŋu ɖaŋu ɣeyiɣi si ŋutɔŋutɔ, afɔɖeɖewo, caloro dɔme le eŋu ne aɖuiwo. Míakpɔ taɖodzinuwo bɔbɔe.
Gblo Ðo aɖaŋu nɔ aɖaŋu, eye nɔ mɔkpɔkpɔ ƒuƒoƒo.

MorePro V19Pro la le eɖokui 5ATM Ƒe ɖa Míate ŋu azã le ƒomeviwo, ƒuƒoƒo, asi ɖuɖu, ɣeyiɣi sia ɣesiaɣi.

Woɖo ɖi: zã aɖaŋu, ɖa, kple nudzɔdzɔ bubuwo.

Nɔnɔmewo Katã

  • ECG ŋgɔ
  • 24/7 Xɔsiwo ɖa
  • HR ɖokuiŋu
  • 24/7 ʋu ƒe ŋgɔ
  • Ðokuɖuɖuɖu
  • Alɔ̃ (Dɔɖeɖe)
  • Ŋkuɖodziɖuɖu
  • Sayinyadɔ Alɔ̃
  • 3ATM (Dɔɖeɖe)
  • Woamedzro 20 Ŋu
  • Ƒe ŋkekea ƒe dɔwɔwɔwo ɖa (dodzro, ʋu, kple kaloro
  • Afɔ̃, mawustokpukpui & Kpɔɖeŋuɖuɖuɖu
  • Kamera
  • Tɔtrɔ
  • Ŋkuɖodziɖuɖu
  • Aɖaŋu & stopwatch
  • Ŋɔlɔ
  • Ðo aɖaŋu ɖaa me etsɔ aɖa
  • Mègabu me
  • Kpɔ Me
  • Dikple
  • Wodedede le Ekrɔ
  • Ŋusẽ Kpɔ
  • Ƒomegbenɔnɔwo
  • Empɔŋu & Ƒe Nyanyanyawo
  • Ðo aɖaŋu ɖaa me etsɔ aɖa


Kpɔɖeŋu V19Pro
Elabe 1.47 ' (Dɔɖeɖe)
Nɔnɔmeawo 2.1oz(28g)
Bateriwo Hiã lithium-ion batteri 1. (Kenye)
Aɖaŋu me 3ATM (Dɔɖeɖe)
APP dim IOS 9.0/Android 4.4 alo kple Bluetooth 4.0 alo zãe
Bateriy Ŋkeke 3-7
Ɣeyiɣi me Gaƒoƒo 1-2
Mɔnu USB ɖa
Aɖaŋudɔ Ŋkule ŋutilã (ŋlɔ ƒuƒoƒo) / Charging base / Instruction Manual
Gbegbɔgblɔ 13 China, Tsina, Gblẽme, Japan, Korea, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Sweden, Turkey


  • 1* V19PRO fitness Tracker
  • 1* V19PRO Charger
  • 1* V19PRO

  • Míexɔe se vavã be míetsɔa adzɔnu yeyetɔ kekeake siwo le xexeame dometɔ aɖewo ɖe asi, eye míedi be míakpɔ egbɔ be míetsɔ ŋkeke 90 ƒe kakaɖedzi si me gayibɔ le si me afɔku mele o ɖo kpe ema dzi.
  • Kpekpeɖeŋu le míakpɔ.Ne èhiã na kpekpeɖeŋu la, taflatse ɖe mía ŋu.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 4159 reviews
    Great Buy.

    This is my second one for upgrate to have. They are great for tracking bp, sleep patterns, heart rate, steps, etc. There’s too much to describe here that the band can do, and the app is easy to use. Can even do an ECG. I’ve had my doctor compare the band results with his cuff in his office and the results were essentially the same.

    Alex H
    Works Great!

    I was about to buy a Fitbit but then I came upon FitVii and since it wasn't as expensive as Fitbit, and does different things, I went with FitVii, v19Pro model.

    The reason for even looking into a "health watch" was to monitor my heart rate during cardio exercises at the gym. I had something similar that came as a free gift when I purchased a workout regimen, but it died after I got it wet.

    FitVii measures my heart rate, also gives me blood pressure readings, has a timer and stopwatch, alarm, track your sleep patterns, take your temperature, do an ECG (Electro-Cardio0-Gram), measure Blood Oxygen levels, and can be used to make your iPhone ring and control the iPhone's camera to take a picture remotely. It can give you the weather and track how many steps you take in a day.

    The watch is water resistant but not waterproof, so you can accidentally get it wet like when you wash your hands, but you can't take it swimming.

    Battery life is about a week before I have to recharge it. The way to recharge it is by attaching the magnetic charging cord to the backside of the watch.

    The V19Pro model has additional wristbands that you can buy to change it up; and the watch face itself can be changed either with the included ones on the watch or you can use a picture from your computer.

    Although the watch does all these things, the disclaimer listed on the website is that it should not be used to diagnose or cure any diseases and should not be used in place of regular doctor visits. Keep that in mind if you're thinking about using this as a medical device.

    I'm happy with my purchase.

    Good value

    I like the size, features, and price. But this is the second time it's broken at the same weak spot in the design. First one was replaced under warranty. Not sure I'll bother seeing if this one is or not. I stopped looking at the app/sleep data, and never bothered with all the exercise/cooking.

    David Gantz
    Competent fitness band but not recommended for sleep trackers

    The V19Pro is one of the least expensive fitness watches available that offers ECG analysis, particularly valuable for customers who are concerned about heart arrhythmia such as A/Fib. The function seems accurate when compared with a stand-alone home ECG device such as the Kardia Mobile. Most other principal functions such as heat rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and steps also seem generally accurate. The major exception is sleep tracking; the band I received did not record sleep at all some nights and for others was wildly inaccurate. I don't know if this was a flaw in my band I or a defect in the sleep app more generally. The watch easily paired with the app and provides the usual pushing for calls, email, Facebook and text messages among other useful features. I note that Fitvii sells some very accurate and reasonably priced fitness watches; it you don't need the CEG function of the V19, I strongly recommend their HM19 smart watch instead for about the same price. Customer service is highly responsive and otherwise excellent.

    Motunrayo Salaam
    V19Pro HRV Fitness Tracker EKG With BP & Heart Rate Monitor?

    Excellent function and battery life. Don't have any concern, easy to used and set up. You have to activate the BP function on your phone after set up but very easy. Great customer service and response via email. Great job Fitvii

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