Atualização: GT5 SmartWatch 20 modos esportivos com monitor de pressão arterial de frequência cardíaca + protetor de tela

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Tony O'Leary
Great watch for the price

Bought this watch to check my blood pressure, works quite well but reads a bit low

Phillip Barrera
Needs Better App

I've been adjusting to sleeping with this on and it's going well. I like knowing how much sleep I actually get each night.The battery life is great, considering I can also read texts on it.

Junior Ibarra
Sleep tracking!!

The product measures what it is supposed to. The band is awful. Makes no sense why anyone would make a band so difficult to fasten.

Kay Lincoln
I love it.

i like it

Tom H
Sleep tracking!!

I bought this to replace Apple Watch, just simpler and provides what I need.The Good:1) Stays charged for a week! Unlike Apple Watch which has to be done daily2) Sleep app portion is awesome EXCEPT no nap tracking (will be in negatives). I really like the sleep tracking and appears to be pretty accurate.3) Activity tracking great but I didn��t buy it for that4) Links to iPhone and let you know when you get messages. My iPhone was spotty for talking on it anyway so I don��t miss that.Bad:1) As stated above naps are not recorded and this should be an easy fix by Amazon that the user can tag either sleep or nap. I took a 3 hour nap and was awake for 3 hours before retiring to bed, and slep about 6. But no record of the 3 hour nap just that I had a bad nights sleep which was untrue just an extension for 9 total hours of rest!! I ask Amazon to please fix this.End result: highly recommend and would buy again ($40 on Prime deal included $40 for yearly subscription - a great deal). I will renew subscription on date of renewal. Worth it.

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