Upgrade:FITVII GT5 Sleeping SmartWatch With Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor+Screen Protector

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Paul G. Barnett
Could be a really great Monitor

I read about this in Healthrine which said it was the best. I agree that it is very accurate, as it indicated I had VERY high BP, and should see a doctor. I thought it might be defective, but headed to ER to find that it was creeping higher! The rest is a bad memory, but the issue was addressed quickly thanks to this new GT5. I have since been measuring daily and showing the record to my doc. The measurement is quick and easy. As I mentioned, it has excellent reproducibility...I trust the measurements. The readability of the display is excellent. My only gripe is that I want to merge the data with Apple Health. This is possible ONLY if you record your settings in the Great Goods app (Balance Health), which must be open when taking your BP. If your phone app isn't handy, the monitor will store the settings and send them to the app at a later time. The app is not very intuitive, but gets the job done. I wish it would let you record a note with the measurement, to indicate med changes or other factors. Otherwise, this is a safe bet if you want an accurate BP monitor.

Horror Fan
Glad I didn't believe the bad reviews!

Wow! I almost didn't buy this based on the bad reviews but either those folks got a lemon or they have different expectations.Not sure if the type of phone matters but I have a Google Pixel phone. I've tried out the BP and I'm happy with those features. If you read some of the bad reviews, you will notice people are complaining about a lot of things, but you have to ask yourself, what is it you really need in your FitVII? Some complained about lack of Apps . . . well, I don't really care about that. If I want lots of apps, I'll load them on my phone. Music? Same deal. I see no point in loading music on my watch. I can access millions of songs through my phone so I use that along with blue tooth ear buds.

Over the years I've heard numerous complaints about step accuracy on ANY device. What do people expect? Do they want to know for sure if it was 100 vs 110 steps? Seriously? I believe the FitVII is very accurate but nothing is 100%. Do you really need to know EXACTLY how many steps you took? Isn't the whole point to just get up and move? If it turns out my FitVII is not 100% accurate, I don't care! As long as it reminds me to move and I get my exercise, I'm happy.

I also want to address the issue of the new band. Some folks HATE it. I don't. I think it is much more comfortable than the other model but everyone has different levels of comfort. I'll close this by saying I love my new GT5 and I believe most folks will love theirs. By all means, read the negative reviews but keep in mind what is important to you when making your decision.

Great Watch

I am a healthcare professional x25 years. As a FD paramedic, ICU nurse, and an instructor, I have used many BP machines and this is what I use. I spent many readings validating this GT5 reading against those lifepacks and manual readings.

-Damn accurate readings
-connects right to their app and records
-long lasting rechargeable battery

Cons-need a smart phone (set up app/use app).
****(I know people have issues with that but you can use a dummy email to set up the account along with a Dummy name. Once you have the app on your phone, you can select not to share anything and it keeps with the dummy information versus your phones information. Just don't allow other phone apps like Apple health to share information but even then you can select what information is shared to the app, i.e. I only share my BP from my Apple phone to this app.)

Ibrahima Drame
Great product

Great product and the blood pressure monitor is surprisingly accurate for this price. The build quality is simply amazing and the device packs so many functionalities . My initial comments were mistaken. Now that I took time to familiarise myself with the software, I realize how great this product is. So, I came to back to post this one. Please accept my sincere apologies for this.

Dear customer,

We update the website to open the method of blood pressure monitoring, the method is as follows:
1. Open 'MorePro' or 'Wofit' APP--click device--find 'Switch Setting'
2. Click 'Switch Setting'--Open 'Blood Pressure Test' to find the blood pressure monitoring interface on the smartwatch.
3. Go back to the first interface of the smart watch and swipe the screen to the left to find the blood pressure monitoring interface.

Fantastic smart BP monitor

So I spent some time looking for BP monitors because of some health changes. Generally it comes down to a few monitors that are FDA approved and have high accuracy ratings, with the big differentiator being the smart features/reporting. many will recommend and there are some good feature differences if you are willing to spend up into the $179 price point.
Overall I'd highly recommend the FitVII GT series of products for consideration if you want a high-quality/simple experience to manage your overall health monitoring. I've been nothing but ecstatic with the results so far. Would recommend to anyone to consider this BP monitor for its accuracy, software integrations and high quality materials.

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