FT26 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch Sleep Tracker with Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Monitor

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  • $42.90

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Albert Ciauri

Just received it Monday and set it up Tuesday and so far it's easy to set up

very happy with my purchase!!

I love my new Smartwatch. I had trouble pairing with my cellphone. I will say the seller has happily helped me with this! This Smartwatch is really pretty and accurate! I am very happy with my purchase!! Thank You!

Trevor Jensen
The price is perfect

I started out with the Garmin smart watch which was just too complicated for my needs. I considered the Apple Watch six, but it was a little too intrusive. So then I found the FitVII FT5 to have everything I wanted: swim, activities, health assessment, , sleep app, blood pressure monitoring, alarm clock, timer, and notifications. No watch phone calls, music, or distractions! The price is perfect too.


If you wanted an Apple Watch for medical purposes, skip the expense and buy this. So happy I made the decision to spend 83 bucks over 270 bucks.
Let me say that I like the watch, it's not the fanciest, but worth every penny and does EVERYTHING I want it to do! I can customize the face and track everything important to me. The cherry on top is the Customer Support; they are amazing! I lost my charging cable and they have been fast and super helpful with the situation! I was already happy and told a few friends about my "super reasonably priced watch", but now everyone will know how great the company is too!

Mike Johnson
FT26 recommended buy.

Heart rate accurate. Blood preassure I think is accurate. Mine stays 130's and 140's. That is what I am getting on watch. Oxygen and temp i also think accurate. Sport activities I have not tested. Recommended buy.

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