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New Upgrade:FITVII™ Air Pump + Airbag Oscillometric Blood Pressure Measurement Smart Watch-50% OFF+Extra 20% OFF🔥

New Upgrade:FITVII™ Air Pump + Airbag Oscillometric Blood Pressure Measurement Smart Watch-50% OFF+Extra 20% OFF🔥

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Why You'll Love the Fitvii Ugarde P70 Health Smartwatch

Advanced AI-integrated health tracker, better understanding of your health status.

Technology: The FITVII™ P70 smartwatch features the advanced RTL8762DW processor, along with the cutting-edge BP006 blood pressure-specific chip and the MAC20A miniature piezoelectric air pump, boasting a heart rate sampling rate of up to 512Hz. It utilizes the inflation of an air pump and cuff to detect minute pressure changes caused by arterial blood flow fluctuations, which are then processed by an internal pressure sensor to measure important data such as blood pressure. Combined with an advanced health algorithm analysis system, it delivers professional and accurate blood pressure monitoring functionality.



✅ Processor : RTL8762DW

Front-end Chip : BP006

Inflatable Air Pump: MAC20A miniature piezoelectric air pump

Body Temperature Sensor: CT1711

Blood Oxygen Sensor: OSRAM SFH2703

Display Screen: Tempered glass + IPS high-definition TFT 1.32-inch 360*360

Real User Experience: Users can now obtain professional blood pressure monitoring data in just 47 seconds, measure blood oxygen levels in 14 seconds, check heart rate in 13 seconds, and generate an electrocardiogram in 50 seconds, significantly reducing the need for hospital visits and allowing for more quality time with family! The FITVII™ P70 smartwatch has undergone rigorous clinical trials and user testing, confirming its accuracy and reliability in health data monitoring. It complies with FDA certification standards, eliminating the necessity for hospital visits for precise blood pressure monitoring.

Hospital-grade Blood Pressure Monitoring

According to the World Health Organization's survey, the number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension is numerous every year. Hypertension can lead to a variety of diseases and symptoms, including heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, cerebrovascular accidents, kidney diseases, and more. Therefore, testing one's accurate blood pressure daily has become essential for a healthy lifestyle!

Precision Blood Pressure Monitoring: Utilizing pneumatic pump and cuff inflation. Minute pressure changes within the cuff, triggered by fluctuations in arterial blood flow, are measured by internal pressure sensors to assess blood pressure. Combined with an intelligent chip, accurate blood pressure reports and analyses are generated in just 47 seconds. With photoelectric blood pressure calibration, achieving a remarkable accuracy rate of 99.08%.

Electrocardiogram Monitoring

Explore the FITVII™ P70 smartwatch - a revolutionary smartwatch designed exclusively for your health. It is equipped with advanced high-performance chips, sensitive sensors, and unique laser technology, with an accuracy rate of up to 98.02%.

With no complex procedures, you can effortlessly obtain your electrocardiogram data within 55 seconds. Leveraging our professional-grade health algorithms, the FITVII™ P70 smartwatch accurately captures your heart activity, providing detailed monitoring results.

24-Hour Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate health is crucial for the body as it reflects the speed and rhythm of heart pumping, directly indicating the cardiac function.

The FITVII™ P70 smartwatch, without the need for a chest strap, measures heart rate directly on the wrist using smart pulse technology and hardware standards. Utilizing principles of electrocardiography, it dynamically monitors users' heart rate status 24 hours a day, providing heart rate alerts for abnormal data to help detect heart issues promptly. With just 13 seconds, it delivers fast and accurate heart rate reports.

Automatic Infrared Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Monitoring

The FITVII™ P70 smartwatch integrates cutting-edge technology with care, featuring the OSRAM SFH2703 blood oxygen sensor and utilizing laser technology for real-time blood oxygen index monitoring. This innovative technology offers nano-level precision and is completely non-invasive.

This advanced monitoring method is not only extremely safe and reliable but also capable of timely detection of potential health issues such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular problems, and anemia. It provides timely alerts and care when most needed. With every heartbeat, you can feel the perfect fusion of technology and health, bringing you more peace of mind and confidence in your life. It's worth mentioning that it only takes 15 seconds to accurately monitor your blood oxygen saturation.

High-precision body temperature detection

Utilizing the advanced CT1711 temperature sensor, your body temperature data can be constantly detected and displayed on the app, providing you with comprehensive daily insights. Explore detailed health data on the MeCare App to gain insights into your health and adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

Intelligent Sleep Monitoring

Sleep quality is crucial for health. Our smartwatch monitors your sleep, including duration, breathing rate, and awakenings. By distinguishing between light and deep sleep stages, we help you improve sleep habits and enhance sleep quality. Effectively addressing issues like insomnia and sleep apnea, ensuring you start each day in a pleasant way.

Our Advantages

Some 'wearable blood pressure smartwatches' on the market tend to estimate blood pressure through pulse readings (which is inaccurate), but the FITVII™ P70 smartwatch adopts a more traditional and accurate approach—utilizing an air pump and cuff inflation. Tiny pressure changes within the cuff caused by the pulsatile arterial blood flow are measured precisely by internal pressure sensors to provide accurate blood pressure readings.

Sedentary reminder. Caring about your body more about you

The thoughtful sedentary reminder function is specially designed for you who study and work for a long time. When you are sedentary for a long time, the bracelet will remind you to get up and move around through vibration to take care of your health.

Stay Connected, Stay Cared for: Remote Family Health Monitoring

Stay connected with your loved ones no matter the distance. Keep an eye on your family's health and happiness from anywhere. With our optimized solution, ensure their well-being is always a priority and within reach.

Multiple Sports Modes,Scientific exercise

With the FITVII™ P70 smartwatch, you'll embark on a new journey towards a healthy smart lifestyle! Tailor your workouts to your needs with various exercise modes, tracking your exercise duration and heart rate while continuously monitoring calories and other data. Simply lift your wrist to view real-time workout data, keeping you informed throughout your workout and enabling you to scientifically adjust your exercise status for optimal results! This comprehensive monitoring allows you to better understand your performance and achieve your goals more effectively and healthily. Whether it's basketball, running, or cycling, this smartwatch is always by your side, helping you fully enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle!

Fast Charging For Stronger Battery Life

With the FITVII™ P70 smartwatch, just 2 hours of fast charging provides a battery life of 7-14 days on a single charge, with up to 30 days of standby time! No more worries about battery life, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in life, while it guards your health 24/7!

Explore a wealth of practical features!

  • Precise pneumatic cuff blood pressure measurement: Oscillometric method
  • Photoplethysmography (PPG) automatic blood pressure measurement: Advanced algorithms and sensing technology
  • Heart Monitoring: Heart Rate Monitoring, Heart Rate Alarm
  • Blood Oxygen Monitoring: Night-time Monitoring, Low Oxygen Alarm
  • Sleep Monitoring: All-day intelligent monitoring
  • Temperature Measurement: Accurate monitoring.
  • Call Reminder/Rejection: Never miss important calls.
  • Comfortable Wear: Soft TPU strap suitable for all.
  • Wrist Raise to Wake Screen: Convenient and easy.
  • Breathing Training: Improve your breathing habits.
  • Sedentary Reminder: Stay active and healthy.
  • Remote Camera Control: Capture photos with ease.
  • Multiple Watch Faces: Customize your style.
  • Multi-Language Support: Switch languages effortlessly.

Perfect Your Look

FITVII™ P70 smartwatch seamlessly integrates the classic appearance of traditional analog watches with basic smart functions, helping you effortlessly manage your busy life. Crafted with medical-grade stainless steel casing and aluminum alloy, featuring a 1.32-inch high-definition full touchscreen color display, it perfectly blends stylish design with durability. Choose from a variety of attractive colors and fashionable straps to complement your personal style. Keep track of your health status and pursue a balanced lifestyle.

Removable airbag strap

Product Bundle

Packing List

  • 1* P70 SmartWatch
  • 1* P70 SmartWatch Charging Cable
  • 1* P70 SmartWatch User Guide
  • 30-Day Free Return and Exchange Policy and 180 Days Repair
  • We truly believe we carry some of the most innovative products in the world, and we want to make sure we back that up with a risk-free ironclad 180-day guarantee.
  • We have  Email Support: fitviiglobal@gmail.com. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews

After using it so many times, the wristwatch with a built-in air pump for measuring blood pressure is still quite accurate. I like it.


The customer service response is quite patient.


Durable and High-Quality


Design and texture are both what I like.


Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement

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