Upgrade 1.47'' V19Pro Health Tracker ECG with Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Andi Makmur
Upgrade 1.47'' V19Pro

Overall a very good watch and health tracker. However, Fitvii need to improve accuracy of blood pressure measurement/monitoring, there is still gap with medical blood pressure device. Thank you

Sleep tracking!!

I’m using it mostly for sleep tracking! I often times sleep walk orrrr have very lucid dreams and or hallucinations while awake but yet not awake, and sleep paralysis. Doesn’t happen very often, but I’m wondering if my O2 dips low causing the Gallic orrrrr if my blood pressure either goes really high or really low. But hoping to catch something odd when they occur! Other than that, seems pretty accurate. Of course blood pressure isn’t as accurate on the wrist as compared to the upper arm. Usually the wrist cuffs or wrist blood pressure is off about 5 numbers. But I can say that this is just as accurate as my rite aid wrist cuff BP machine!!! So spot on there! Again you can see it’s about as spot on as my other BP cuff!! Pics for reference!

Erica Moon
Accurate ECG monitoring!

This was the only device that was able to accurately and quickly diagnose the condition with my heart. I started having an abnormal heart rhythm about 2 weeks ago, for which I went to urgent care. They did an EKG on me at the clinic and found no abnormalities. Then they placed a Zio heart monitor on my chest to wear for 2 weeks which found no abnormalities. Decided to take matters into my own hands and purchased this on FITVII, as a last resort, with absolutely no expectation of it working at all.

But FITVII v19pro and its high quality reading which clearly showed my PVCs, I was able to forward these to my doctor before the appointment. The doctor remarked that the EKG readings were extremely high quality and was able to diagnose me easily and prescribe me the medication I need.

I'm extremely grateful to the people who created this device and the app, and I can WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend this to anyone who is having any issues with their heart and especially for those who have tried other devices that have failed.

Robert Caffarella
Very Nice!

Works well, still figuring how to use all of its functions. Fast, dependable service. Great Job!

We love statistics.

We love statistics. My husband had been wanting and searching for a sturdy, dependable tracking system in a watch....and then he found the FitVII V19. He does not have to worry about getting it wet washing his hands but he does need to remove it in the shower. It has a great battery life of up to four days and if that isn't great enough the display is bright enough to see outside in the daylight...just be sure to take it off default mode and turn up the brightness display. He enjoys the tracking abilities of the tracker because his health is important to him...and I am so grateful! The ECG also known as the EKG and the blood oxygen monitor are so helpful plus he likes knowing how well he is sleeping. No sleep apnea events? Awesome!!! Thanks to FitVII I will have a healthier and happier husband!

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